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Spine for the owl edition

Nordisk familjebok (English: Nordic Family Book) is a Swedish encyclopedia that was published in print form between 1876 and 1957, and that is now fully available in digital form via Project Runeberg at Linköping University.


Print editions[edit]

The first edition of Nordisk familjebok was published in 20 volumes between 1876 and 1899, and is known as the "Idun edition" because it bears a picture of Idun, the Norse mythologic goddess of spring and rejuvenation, on its cover.[citation needed] The second edition, popularly known as Uggleupplagan ("The Owl Edition") because of this image on its cover, was published between 1904 and 1926 in 38 volumes, and is the most comprehensive encyclopedia published in the Swedish language.[citation needed] Copyrights on the two first versions have expired, putting them in the public domain;[citation needed] two further editions, yet in copyright, were published between 1926 and 1957.[citation needed]

Digital editions[edit]

First edition (1876-1899), featuring Idun logo.
The Owl Edition (1904-1926), featuring that logo.

Projekt Runeberg (Project Runeberg) was founded in by Lars Aronsson and others at Linköping University in late 1992.[citation needed] It was started with the intention of providing digital copies of books significant to the culture and history of Nordic countries (just as Project Gutenberg has done with English literature).[1] By 2001, technology—image scanning and optical character recognition techniques—had improved enough to allow digitization of both print editions of the Nordisk familjebok (45,000 pages).[1] While further work on this encyclopedia series remains (as of 1 January 2015),[clarification needed] the two editions were freely available at the Project Runeberg web portal as of that date.[citation needed]

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