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Nordland Hospital, Bodø center

Nordland Hospital Trust (Norwegian: Nordlandssykehuset, NLSH) is a part of the Northern Norway Regional Health Authority and covers the specialist health services for areas north of Saltfjellet in Nordland county. The trust consists of a number of units that were merged on 1 January 2002, following the government takeover of healthcare services.

The trust consists of four previously independent hospitals, including:

  • Nordland Hospital, Bodø center (somatic), previously known as Nordland Central Hospital
  • Nordland Hospital, Rønvik (psychiatric), previously Nordland Psychiatric Hospital
  • Nordland Hospital, Lofoten (Vestvågøy), previously Lofoten Hospital
  • Nordland Hospital, Vesterålen (Stokmarknes)

In addition, the trust manages several minor psychiatric treatment facilities in the county. Eivind Solheim was managing director of the trust until 2010.

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