Noreen Motamed

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Noreen Motamed
Born 1967
Abadan, Iran
Known for painting
Movement Abstract figurative

Noreen Motamed is a Persian painter.

Daughter of Fereydoun Motamed, she was born in Abadan, Iran and attended primary and secondary school in Tehran and graduated in first place from University of Tehran with a B.A. degree in Arts. She continued her postgraduate studies and once again graduated in first place from Alzahra University with a Master of Arts degree with concentration in painting. She began painting as a professional artist in 1983. Starting with a figurative art[1] style she then turned to a synthesis of abstraction and figuration (Abstract figurative), depicting Persian female rug and kilim weavers[2] or humans and nature.[3] Persian miniatures have been great sources of inspiration in her latest paintings which are depictions of Modern Iranian in traditional spaces.[4] She has continued this style while in U.S.A. with a western influence as it appears in some of her abstract figurative 2 collection.[5] In 2008 her latest work (abstract figurative 3 collection)[6] reveals a romantic touch that is added to her paintings.

Selected solo exhibitions[edit]

  • Solo Exhibition, November 1–8, 2008, Seyhoun Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
  • Laleh Gallery, 2006, Tehran-Iran
  • Bamdad Gallery titled “Manifestation of Eternity of the Persian Carpets” 1996, Tehran-Iran

Selected group exhibitions[edit]

  • Group exhibition at IRI's Attaché’s office in Paris, France. Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art's treasury selects and displays one of Noreen Motamed's painting at the Paris exhibition by the Iranian House of Culture, May 29 - June 12, 2009.
  • Group exhibition at the Patuxent River Appreciation Days (PRAD), Oct 2008, Maryland, USA
  • The Third Iranian Painter Biennale, 1995, Tehran-Iran
  • Touch of Art Gallery, 1998, Virginia USA

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