Norfolk Southern Lake Pontchartrain Bridge

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Norfolk Southern Lake Pontchartrain Bridge
Carries Norfolk Southern rail line
Crosses Lake Pontchartrain
Locale New Orleans, Louisiana
Owner Norfolk Southern Corporation
Total length 30,264 ft (9,224 m)

The Norfolk Southern Lake Pontchartrain Bridge is a bridge that carries a single-track of Norfolk Southern rail line between Slidell and New Orleans, Louisiana. At 5.8 miles (9.3 km) long, it is the longest railroad bridge in the United States and likely the longest rail bridge over water in the world. The Huey P. Long Bridge in New Orleans has sometimes been given that title, but at about 4.4 miles (7.1 km), that bridge is considerably shorter than the Norfolk Southern bridge.

The bridge is heavily used by Norfolk Southern freight trains. In addition, Amtrak's Crescent passenger train crosses the bridge once daily in each direction.

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Coordinates: 30°11′0″N 89°51′8″W / 30.18333°N 89.85222°W / 30.18333; -89.85222