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Norling Drayang is a pioneer in music and film production in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Since its establishment in 1994, Norling Drayang has released more than 150 music albums and 4 feature films to date. With the release of its first blockbuster "Jigdrel," Norling Drayang was recognized as the first production company to release a commercial feature film in Bhutan. "Bhu Tashi", "Rangdol & Yangdon" and "Tshey Ngoen Ley Thro" followed subsequently making blockbuster hits in the kingdom.

The company is currently in the process of filming its next movie, which is based on the biography of a legendary Buddhist Prince, Gyalsey Drimed Kuenden. It is expected to be released by September 2014.

Norling Drayang's mission is to promote the Bhutanese entertainment industry while preserving the unique culture and tradition of Bhutan.

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