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Norm Aldridge Field is a municipally owned, natural-grass baseball diamond in Stronach Park in northeast London, Ontario, that was built as a secondary baseball venue for the 2001 Canada Summer Games and named by London city council after longtime London sportsman/ athlete, Norman James Aldridge, on September 5, 2000.

The baseball diamond has the same dimensions as Labatt Park in London, namely: 330 feet down the left- and right-field lines and 402 feet to the centre-field fence.

Norm Aldridge at Labatt Park on May 31, 1998, during the fundraising ballgame, The Rumble at the Riverforks. Aldridge, the trainer with the legendary 1948 London Majors and the 1970 London TV Cable Fastball Team has been inducted into the London Sports Hall of Fame.

Aldridge held the distinction of being the City of London's oldest (part-time) employee. He worked at Stronach Park and Stronach Arena in London, after he retired from General Steel Wares. Mr. Aldridge has also been inducted in the London Sports Hall of Fame as the trainer for the 1948 London Majors and the 1970 Canadian champion fastball team, London TV Cable.

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