Norma (supermarket)

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Industry Retail (Grocery)
Founded 1960th
Headquarters Nürnberg, Germany
Products Mainly own brand, with a few larger and regional brands
Revenue about 6 billion Euro
Slogan Mahr fürs Geld.

Norma (official spelling: NORMA) is a food discount store with more than 1,300 stores in Germany, France, the Czech Republic and Austria. The stores are appearing as Norma and Norma-Rodi, as Norma has acquired the company Rodi.


In 1921 the family company "George Roth" in Fürth, Germany were founded. Out of this company in the 1960s the first Norma store opened in the south of Germany. Since end of the 1980s, Norma has developed from a regional discount store to an international acting company.


In common with other large German discount supermarket chains such as Aldi and Lidl, Norma's central retail concept is to offer a narrow product line of high-turnover foods at low prices.

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