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Norma Andrade is one of the founding members of Nuestras Hijas de Regreso a Casa A.C., a Mexican non-profit association of mothers whose daughters have been victims of female homicides in Ciudad Juárez. Her daughter, Lilia Alejandra García Andrade, disappeared on February 14, 2001. On February 21, Lilia Alejandra's body was found wrapped in a blanket. On her body were signs of physical and sexual assault.

Norma Andrade is also the mother of the director of the May Our Daughters Return Home group, Malu Garcia, who was forced to flee to Mexico City due to threats (suspected to be from drug traffickers).[1]

On Friday December 2, 2011, Norma Andrade was shot and wounded in Mexico’s Ciudad Juarez, several times (some reports say she was shot five times) by a group of armed men as she was leaving work.[1] The shooting was initially blamed by officials on an attempted carjacking. The focus of the investigation later changed when it was learned that Norma Andrade received death threats on the day of the shooting. On Tuesday, December 6, 2011, Andrade was released from the hospital where she was treated and operated on for the gunshot wounds she sustained. She was taken with her family to a house in Ciudad Juarez, where she is under 24-hour protection.[2]


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