Norman Brokenshire

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Norman Brokenshire in 1953

Norman Brokenshire (1898–1965) nickname:"Sir Silken Speech" was a familiar radio voice in the 1940s, heard as an announcer on such programs as Theatre Guild on the Air.

He was born near Hudson Bay to a minister father who preached in remote sections of Canada. His broadcasting career began in 1924 at WJZ, where he immediately attracted attention. The New York Herald Tribune asked, "Who is this new AON? He speaks with perfect enunciation and exceptional modulation."[1]

Brokenshire was known for his folksy greeting, "How do you do, ladies and gentlemen, how do you do." By 1947, he was earning $50,000 annually.


He became an announcer for television in the 1950s and had his own ABC series, The Better Home Show, (1951–52) offering instruction in home crafts and renovation. He also hosted the syndicated series Handy Man in 1952.

His wife, Eunice Brokenshire, was a radio program director in the 1920s. His autobiography, This Is Norman Brokenshire, was published in 1954 by David McKay.