Normandy Dam

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Normandy Dam
Normandy Dam.jpg
Normandy Dam
Coordinates 35°27′56″N 86°14′33″W / 35.465476°N 86.24259°W / 35.465476; -86.24259Coordinates: 35°27′56″N 86°14′33″W / 35.465476°N 86.24259°W / 35.465476; -86.24259
Dam and spillways
Impounds Duck River
Height 110 ft (34 m)[2]
Length 2,807 ft (856 m)[1]
Total capacity 126,100 acre·ft (155,500 dam3)[2]
Catchment area 195 sq mi (510 km2)[2]
Surface area 2,490 acres (1,010 ha)[2]

Normandy Dam is a dam built by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) on the Duck River in the U.S. state of Tennessee. It straddles the border between Bedford and Coffee counties. Completed in 1976, the dam was built primarily for flood control and economic development purposes, and does not produce any electricity.

The dam is 110 feet (34 m) high and spans 2,807 feet (856 m) across the river valley.


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