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Norran (previously named Norra Västerbotten),[1] is a Swedish newspaper.

History and profile[edit]

Norran was founded by a group of liberal newspaper enthusiasts led by Anton Wikström from Jörn in 1910. The first official edition was published 1 January 1911. The paper is owned by the foundation Skelleftepress. It is published in Berliner format[2] in Skellefteå, and chiefly distributed in the northern parts of Västerbotten. The stated position of the editorial is liberal.

Most of the newspaper's local articles are written in Skellefteå but it also has local editors in Arjeplog, Arvidsjaur, Malå and Norsjö.

It has been published on the Internet since February 1996 and the main news service is freely available.

In correlation with the newspaper's 100-year-anniversary, the staff announced on 4 January 2010 that its name would be changed into Norran, a name which has been used by its readers for decades.[3] The official web site's URL was already[3]


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