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Not to be confused with Ronnie Cowan or Rowen Shepherd.
Inside the Edinburgh Vaults, partly excavated by Norrie Rowan.

Norman "Norrie" Rowan (born c.1952)[1] is a Scottish international rugby union player, from Edinburgh, who played for Scotland.

He played for Forrester RFC and later Boroughmuir RFC, and was also nominated for Rugby World's "Unsung Hero" award in 1989 - he was the only Scot to be given an award in that year,[2] after playing in all Five Nations matches that year.[3]

He is currently a businessman, and entrepreneur, working in construction and runs a bar in Edinburgh. Rowan helped excavate the Edinburgh Vaults, after he found a tunnel leading to them in the 1980s. From this tunnel he helped Romanian rugby player Cristian Raducanu escape the Romanian secret police and seek political asylum weeks before the Romanian uprising of 1989.[4]

In 1996 Rowan was fined £250 for a violent incident relating to a dispute over a business deal involving the Edinburgh bar, The Vaults.[1] In March 2013 Rowan was fined £500 after being found guilty in court for failing to supply a DNA sample in relation to an assault enquiry.[5]


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