Norrviken Gardens

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Norrviken Gardens
Norrvikens trädgårdar 1.jpg
Norrviken Gardens in July 2010
Location Båstad Municipality, Sweden
Coordinates 56°27′0″N 12°47′30″E / 56.45000°N 12.79167°E / 56.45000; 12.79167Coordinates: 56°27′0″N 12°47′30″E / 56.45000°N 12.79167°E / 56.45000; 12.79167
Founder Rudolf Abelin
Status Open 1 May–29 August

Norrviken Gardens (Swedish: Norrvikens trädgårdar) is a garden, located about 3 kilometers northwest of Båstad, Skåne County, Sweden.[1] It was founded by Rudolf Abelin in the early 1900s.[1] The garden was chosen as the most beautiful park in Sweden and the second most beautiful in Europe in 2006.[2] Due to financial issues the park has begun to fall into decline. Different interest groups are doing efforts to come up with new ways to fund the park, but disagreements between the groups have hampered the development of the park. One major problem is the location which decreases the use of the park as a venue for commercial interests.[citation needed]


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