Norsk Luftambulanse

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Norsk Luftambulanse
Norsk Luftambulanse Logo.png
Type non profit foundation
Founded 1977
Founder(s) Jens Moe
Key people Terje Thon (Chairman)
Åslaug Haga (Secretary General)
Employees 220 (incl. subsidiaries)

Stiftelsen Norsk Luftambulanse (literally Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation) is a Norwegian non-profit foundation that promotes and implements measures to provide emergency medical assistance. It has about 820,000 members (exceeding one of six Norwegians).

Through its three limited subsidiaries the foundation operates air ambulance helicopters and planes in Norway and internationally.

The entire corporation has 220 employees.


Norsk Luftambulanse AS[edit]

Norsk Luftambulanse operates Eurocopter EC 135 helicopters

Norsk Luftambulanse AS (NLA) is a limited company wholly owned by the foundation that operate helicopters in the Norwegian air ambulance system on behalf of the government.

The company operate Eurocopter EC 135 helicopters from 8 helicopter bases in Norway, based in Arendal, Bergen, Dombås, Førde, Lørenskog, Stavanger, Trondheim and Ål.

Additionally, the company provide medical staff to Sea King search and rescue helicopters of the Royal Norwegian Air Force.

NLA Global Medical Support AS[edit]

Global Medical Support operates Hawker 800 planes

NLA Global Medical Support AS (GMS) is a limited company wholly owned by the foundation that provide medical assistance abroad to members of the foundation, or on behalf of the government or private companies, like insurance or shipping companies. If necessary GMS will transport the patient back to Norway.

The company operate Hawker 800 and Beechcraft Super King Air ambulance planes.

Norsk Luftambulance has provided international medical assistance and air ambulance transports since 1978. In 2004, the international operations became a separate company.

Svensk Flygambulans AB[edit]

Svensk Flygambulans operates Beechcraft Super King Air planes

Svensk Flygambulans AB (Swedish Air Ambulance) is Swedish limited company owned by the foundation, based in Göteborg (Säve), that operate air ambulance services by plane primarily in Sweden.

The company use Beechcraft Super King Air planes.

Other activities[edit]

The foundation is involved in research, courses in emergency medicine for different sorts of personnel, and general promotion of the public's knowledge of first aid.


In 1973 the Norwegian government started looking at possible ways to organise an air ambulance service in Norway. Before the government had made a decision, the foundation Norsk Luftambulanse had been founded in 1977 and provided one helicopter from its base at Lørenskog. In 1983 the government started buying services from the foundation, and in 1988 a nationwide air ambulance service was started where the government bought services from private companies.

By 1993 three companies had established themselves on the domestic air ambulance marked in Norway: Norsk Luftambulanse, Airlift and Lufttransport. In 2002 Norsk Luftambulanse bought Airlift, and merged the operations. In 2004 it also bought the Swedish air ambulance company SOS Flygambulans, which was renamed Svensk Flygambulans in 2007.

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