North-Eastern Swiss Alps

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This article focuses on the part of the Alps and Pré-Alps that is located in North-Eastern Switzerland. This region is bordered by: Lake Lucerne in the south-west; the Klausen Pass, upper Linth valley and Lake Walen in the south; the Rhine valley in the east; Lake Constance in the north.


The chief peaks of the Swiss (Pre-)Alps, north of the Klausen Pass, are:

Grosser Mythen
Name Elevation (m) Elevation (ft)
Glärnisch (highest) 2,920 9,580
Bös Fulen (Böser Faulen) 2,804 9,199
Säntis 2,504 8,215
Altmann 2,438 7,999
Faulfirst 2,416 7,927
Alvier 2,363 7,753
Churfirsten (highest) 2,309 7,575
Speer 1,954 6,411
Grosser Mythen 1,902 6,240
Rigikulm 1,800 5,900
Hoher Kasten 1,798 5,899
Rossberg 1,583 5,194
Zugerberg Hochwacht 992 3,255
Albis Hochwacht 880 2,890
Uetliberg 873 2,864


The chief passes of the Swiss Alps, north of the Klausen Pass, are:

Note: road status as of 1911.
Mountain pass location type (as of 1911) elevation (m) elevation (ft)
Ruosalperkulm Schächen Valley to the Muota Valley foot path 2,172 7,126
Karren Alp Pass Muota Valley to Linthal foot path 2,096 6,877
Kinzigkulm Pass Schächen Valley to the Muota Valley foot path 2,076 6,811
Saasberg Pass Einsiedeln to Glarus foot path 1,898 6,227
Kamor Pass Appenzell to Rüthi bridle path 1,680 5,510
Saxerlücke Appenzell to Sax foot path 1,651 5,417
Schwein Alp Pass Wägital (Wäggithal) to bridle path 1,572 5,157
Pragel Pass Muotathal to Glarus carriage road in progress 1,554 5,098
Hacken Pass Schwyz to Einsiedeln foot path 1,417 4,649
Holzegg Pass Schwyz to Einsiedeln bridle path 1,407 4,616
Ibergeregg Pass Schwyz to Iberg and Einsiedeln carriage road 1,406 4,613
Krazeren Pass Nesslau to Urnäsch bridle path 1,217 3,993

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