North American Football Union

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North American Football Union
Abbreviation NAFU
Type Sports organization
3 member associations
Members of NAFU (orange), members of CONCACAF (orange and camel).

The North American Football Union, often referred to by the acronym NAFU, is a regional grouping under CONCACAF of national football (soccer) organizations in the North American Zone.[1] The NAFU has no organizational structure. The statutes say "CONCACAF shall recognize ... The North American Football Union (NAFU)" (emphasis added).


The NAFU consists of three of the four geographically North American CONCACAF members:

  1.  Canada
  2.  Mexico
  3.  United States

Although geographically in North America,  Bermuda is currently a Caribbean Football Union (CFU) member.


National teams[edit]

The three teams are always qualified to the final stage of the CONCACAF Gold Cup, so there is no qualifying tournament for this zone, unlike the tournaments for the Central American Football Union (UNCAF) and the Caribbean Football Union (CFU). However, as members of CONCACAF there were two tournaments previous to the Gold Cup.


The North American SuperLiga was a club tournament between two North American Zone leagues that ran from 2007-2010. It was an official tournament sanctioned by CONCACAF, but not organized by the federation.[4] When CONCACAF Champions Cup zone qualifiers were used for North American zone, Bermudian clubs played against Mexican and/or American clubs.

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