North American Model United Nations (NAMUN)

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North American Model United Nations (NAMUN) is a Canadian university-level Model UN conference and draws delegations from around the world. The conference was established in 1985 and is hosted at the University of Toronto. As of 2014, the Secretary General is Larysa Workewych (2015).

The conference is part of a greater Model UN community at U of T, along with the University of Toronto United Nations Society and the Secondary School Interactive Crisis Simulation (SSICsim).

The inaugural address was given on 13 February 1986 by Stephen Lewis, Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations. NAMUN has hosted many diplomats, academics, officers of the military, business leaders and thousands of students from across the globe.

Independently student-run, NAMUN has substantial support from academic institutions and the business community. The purpose of the conference is to familiarize students with the working structure of the UN, the dynamics of international diplomacy and the most topical issues of the day. NAMUN serves as a forum in which students from Universities and Colleges around the globe can meet and debate problems facing the world, in areas such as security and development, human rights, economic and social progress.

Previous Secretary Generals include: Maria Lee (2010), Selena Lucien Shaboian (2011), Fernando Torrealba (2012), Liam Salichuk (2013), and Sammy Lau (2014).