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The North American Saxophone Alliance (NASA) is an organization for saxophone players from around North America. Following the lead of their colleagues in France, who created the Association of French Saxophonists in 1971, the North American Saxophone Alliance was established in 1976 under the leadership of Frederick Hemke. Since this time, NASA has offered state, regional, and international conferences attracting many important saxophonists to present performances, lectures and master classes, as-well-as found competitions for the next generation of classical and jazz saxophonists. NASA is the largest saxophone organization in the western hemisphere dedicated to the establishment of the saxophone as a medium of serious musical expression.

Members are required to pay dues, which vary depending on age. NASA hosts regional conferences for each of its 10 regions (information below). It also hosts a biennial international conference. The 2014 conference was held at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on March 20-24, 2014 featuring classical saxophone artists Fred Hemke, Eugene Rousseau, and Don Sinta, as-well-as jazz saxophonists Jeff Coffin, Brad Leali, and Chip McNeil. The 2014 NASA Conference co-hosts are Debra Richtmeyer and J. Michael Holmes. For more information, see:

Past NASA Biennial Conferences • 2014: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (hosts: Debra Richtmeyer & J. Michael Holmes) • 2012: Arizona State University (host: Timothy McAllister) • 2010: University of Georgia (host: Kenneth/Stephen Fischer) • 2008: University of South Carolina (host: Clifford Leaman) • 2006: University of Iowa (host: Kenneth Tse) • 2004: University of North Carolina (host: Steve Stusek) • 2002: University of North Texas (host: Eric Nestler) • 2000: University of Arizona (host: Kelland Thomas) • 1998: Northwestern University (hosts: Fredrick Hemke & Jonathan Helton) • 1996: University of Florida (host: Jonathan Helton) • 1994: University of West Virginia (host: David Hastings & Curtis Johnson)

The current president of NASA is Cliff Leaman, from the University of South Carolina School of Music.

NASA is divided into eleven regions dividing Canada, the United States of America, and surrounding territories.