North Capitol Hill, Denver

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19th Avenue in Uptown, Denver

North Capitol Hill, often referred to as Uptown, is a center city neighborhood near downtown Denver. the neighborhood is located in the area known as East Denver, or the "East Side". However, the neighborhood has a diverse population, similar to surrounding neighborhoods of Five Points and Capitol Hill and cannot be defined by a single demographic. Currently, Uptown is undergoing significant redevelopment and gentrification, with many young residents and transplants populating the apartments and homes that frequent the area. The north capitol hill neighborhood has a crime rate of 212 incidents per 1,000 people, which is above the city and national averages.[1] The poverty rate is also much higher than city and national averages, with 34.74% of the population living in poverty.[2] North Capitol Hill is bordered by 20th Ave on the north, Park Ave on the northeast, Downing St on the east, Colfax Ave on the south, and Broadway on the west.

Hamburger Mary's on 17th Avenue


Coordinates: 39°44′36″N 104°58′56″W / 39.74327°N 104.98234°W / 39.74327; -104.98234