North Carolina Bar Association

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North Carolina Bar Association
Type Legal Society
Headquarters Cary, North Carolina
  • United States
14,000+ in 2013 (750 out of state)[1]

The North Carolina Bar Association (NCBA) is the voluntary (non-mandatory) bar association of the U.S. state of North Carolina. NCBA membership is voluntary and tax money is not involved in its support. In contrast, the North Carolina State Bar and the North Carolina Board of Law Examiners are state agencies.


The North Carolina Bar Association was created in 1899 as a private association of lawyers.[2] While the efforts to organize the North Carolina Bar Association began around 1890, it was not until 1899 that 157 lawyers met in Raleigh for the purpose of establishing on a permanent basis the North Carolina Bar Association. The charter which was before that group for an adoption stated the objectives of the organization to be:

  • To promote the administration of justice throughout the State
  • To advance the science of jurisprudence
  • To maintain the standard of honor in the profession and
  • To establish cordial intercourse among the members.

Its first president was the eminent Charlotte lawyer, Platt D. Walker, who later became a justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court. In 1933, NCBA successfully urged the North Carolina Legislature to create the separate North Carolina State Bar to regulate and discipline lawyers. Most of the lawyers in North Carolina are members of NCBA.


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