Brewing in North Carolina

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This article regards brewing in North Carolina.


The first documented commercial brewery operating in North Carolina was started in Salem, NC in 1774. Single Brother's Brewery and Distillery was located on Old Shallowford Road in Salem (Salem is now incorporated as a part of Winston-Salem).

In 1985 Uli Bennewitz pushed a change in the North Carolina law books. This change made it legal for a brewpub to exist under state laws. The next year (1986) Bennewitz goes on to start NC's first brewpub, Weeping Radish Bavarian Restaurant.

On August 13, 2005, House Bill 392 in the NC State legislature was signed by the Governor. HB 392 (commonly known as the "Pop The Cap" Bill)changed the alcohol by volume cap on beer from 6% to 15%.[1] See the law's text at: NC General Assembly Website (2005-2006 Sess.)

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