North Dome (New York)

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North Dome
Elevation 3,610 ft (1,100 m)
Prominence 1,160 ft (350 m)[1]
Listing Catskill High Peaks
Location Greene County, New York
Range Catskill Mountains
Coordinates 42°10.43′N 74°20.93′W / 42.17383°N 74.34883°W / 42.17383; -74.34883Coordinates: 42°10.43′N 74°20.93′W / 42.17383°N 74.34883°W / 42.17383; -74.34883
Topo map USGS Lexington

North Dome is a mountain located in Greene County, New York. The mountain is part of the Catskill Mountains. North Dome is flanked to the east by West Kill Mountain, and to the west faces Mount Sherrill across 1,000-ft.-deep Mink Hollow Notch.

North Dome stands within the watershed of the Hudson River, which drains into New York Bay. The northern slopes of North Dome drain into the West Kill, thence into Schoharie Creek, the Mohawk River, and the Hudson River. The southern slopes of North Dome drain into Esopus Creek, and thence into the Hudson River.

North Dome is contained within the Westkill Mountain Wilderness Area of New York's Catskill State Park. There is no hiking trail over the mountain, though an extension of the Devil's Path west from West Kill Mtn. has been contemplated.


  1. ^ Key col elevation between 2,440 and 2,460 ft.

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