North East Hertfordshire (UK Parliament constituency)

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North East Hertfordshire
County constituency
for the House of Commons
Outline map
Boundary of North East Hertfordshire in Hertfordshire.
Outline map
Location of Hertfordshire within England.
County Hertfordshire
Electorate 72,658 (December 2010)[1]
Major settlements Letchworth, Baldock and Royston
Current constituency
Created 1997
Member of Parliament Oliver Heald (Conservative)
Number of members One
Created from Hertfordshire North, Hertford and Stortford, Stevenage
European Parliament constituency East of England

North East Hertfordshire is a constituency[n 1] represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament since 1997 by Oliver Heald, a Conservative.[n 2]


This seat was created in 1997 since which it has had the same member serving it in Westminster.


Parliament accepted the Boundary Commission's Fifth Periodic Review of Westminster constituencies which slightly altered this constituency for the 2010 general election since which it has electoral wards:

  • Braughing, Buntingford, Hertford Rural North, Hertford Rural South, Little Hadham, Mundens and Cottered, Puckeridge, Thundridge and Standon, Walkern, and Watton-at-Stone in East Hertfordshire
  • Arbury, Baldock East, Baldock Town, Ermine, Letchworth East, Letchworth Grange, Letchworth South East, Letchworth South West, Letchworth Wilbury, Royston Heath, Royston Meridian, Royston Palace, and Weston and Sandon. in North Hertfordshire

Constituency profile[edit]

The constituency includes the towns of Letchworth, Baldock and Royston and the undulating rural area, strewn with traditional English villages[2] primarily to their south, most of which are within the more accessible parts of the London Commuter Belt and west of London Stansted Airport.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Election Member[3] Party
1997 Oliver Heald Conservative


Elections in the 2010s[edit]

General Election 2015: North East Hertfordshire [4][5]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative Oliver Heald
Green Mario May[6]
Labour Chris York
General Election 2010: North East Hertfordshire
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative Oliver Heald 26,995 53.5 +6.2
Liberal Democrat Hugh Annand 11,801 23.4 +2.0
Labour David Kirkman 8,291 16.4 -11.6
UKIP Adrianne Smyth 2,075 4.1 +0.8
Green Rosemary Bland 875 1.7 +1.7
Independent Richard Campbell 209 0.4 +0.4
Your Right To Democracy Party Limited David Ralph 143 0.3 +0.3
Independent Philip Reichardt 36 0.1 +0.1
Majority 15,194 30.1
Turnout 50,425 69.8 +3.2
Conservative hold Swing

Elections in the 2000s[edit]

General Election 2005: North East Hertfordshire
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative Oliver Heald 22,402 47.3 +3.2
Labour Andy Harrop 13,264 28.0 −8.4
Liberal Democrat Iain Coleman 10,147 21.4 +4.2
UKIP David Hitchman 1,561 3.3 +1.0
Majority 9,138 19.3
Turnout 47,374 65.6 +0.6
Conservative hold Swing +5.8
General Election 2001: North East Hertfordshire
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative Oliver Heald 19,695 44.1 +2.4
Labour Ivan Gibbons 16,251 36.4 +0.6
Liberal Democrat Alison Kingman 7,686 17.2 -1.0
UKIP Malcolm Virgo 1,013 2.3 N/A
Majority 3,444 7.7
Turnout 44,645 65.0 -12.1
Conservative hold Swing

Elections in the 1990s[edit]

General Election 1997: North East Hertfordshire
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative Oliver Heald 21,712 41.7
Labour Ivan Gibbons 18,624 35.8
Liberal Democrat Steve Jarvis 9,493 18.2
Referendum Party Jonathan Grose 2,166 4.2
Majority 3,088 6.0
Turnout 51,995 77.1
Conservative hold Swing

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Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ A county constituency (for the purposes of election expenses and type of returning officer)
  2. ^ As with all constituencies, the constituency elects one Member of Parliament (MP) by the first past the post system of election at least every five years.

Coordinates: 51°55′N 0°02′W / 51.917°N 0.033°W / 51.917; -0.033