North Florida Ospreys

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North Florida Ospreys
University University of North Florida
Conference Atlantic Sun Conference
NCAA NCAA Division I
Athletic director Lee Moon
Location Jacksonville, Florida
Varsity teams 15
Basketball arena UNF Arena
Baseball stadium Harmon Stadium
Soccer stadium Hodges Stadium
Other arenas Hayt Golf Learning Center
Mascot Ozzie
Nickname Ospreys
Fight song UNF Fight Song
     UNF Blue       Gray

The North Florida Ospreys are the athletic teams of the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida. The Ospreys compete in the Atlantic Sun Conference in NCAA Division I. UNF is in its fourth academic year as a full-fledged member of Division I; previously, the Ospreys were members of the Sunshine State Conference and Peach Belt Conference in NCAA Division II. UNF fields teams in seven men's sports and ten women's sports.


The University of North Florida's intercollegiate athletics program began in 1983, originally as a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). The Ospreys joined NCAA Division II in 1993, the same year the UNF Arena opened. Initially, UNF competed in the Sunshine State Conference, and then in 1997 moved to the Peach Belt Conference. In 2005, the Ospreys began the transition to Division I, joining the Atlantic Sun Conference. The transition's final year was the 2008-09 season, with UNF becoming tournament eligible beginning in the 2009-10 season.[1]

UNF is a non-football school. However, the prospect of an Osprey football team is a popular topic among students and the community. In 2013, UNF President John Delaney revealed the school would begin preliminary discussions about adding the sport.[2]

Retired Ospreys logo

UNF won the Sunshine State Conference's all-sports title four times and won four NAIA national titles—men's golf in 1991 and 1993, and women's tennis in 1986 and 1994. UNF's first Division I conference title came in 2008 when the men's golf team captured the Atlantic Sun crown.[3]

In February 2009, UNF hired Lee Moon to be the new athletic director. He is UNF's sixth athletic director and previously worked at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the University of Wyoming, and Marshall University. Since taking over UNF athletics, he has made many staff changes to move the program forward.[4]


UNF's men's and women's soccer, track and field, and cross country teams play at Hodges Stadium. The stadium's track, completed in 2008, is one of only seven in the country certified by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).[5] The men's and women's basketball and women's volleyball teams play in UNF Arena. The baseball team plays at Harmon Stadium, while the softball team plays in the Softball Complex. The men's golf team utilizes the Hayt Golf Learning Center. The women's swimming and diving teams utilize the Aquatic Center. The men's and women's tennis teams play at the Tennis Complex.


The move to Division I represented a monumental step towards improving athletics for the future. Facilities upgrades have also been planned. On September 2, 2008, the University announced plans for UNF Varsity Village. The project will cost an estimated $30 million which will provide two new facilities and upgrades to existing facilities. The two new facilities will be a student wellness and sports education center, and a new baseball stadium with a seating capacity of 3,000. The existing stadium, Harmon Stadium will be renovated to include 1,200 seats and used for softball. Other improvements include upgrades to the Arena and Hodges Stadium.[6]



Old Ospreys baseball logo, 1986–2010

UNF's baseball program was founded in 1988. The team was established under the leadership of Dusty Rhodes, who served as head coach from 1988 to 2010. Since its inception the Ospreys baseball team has won thirteen conference titles and made a total of sixteen playoff appearances: six in the NAIA and ten in NCAA Division II. They went to the NAIA World Series in 1989 and 1991 and the NCAA Division II World Series in 2000, 2001, and 2005, advancing to the final in 2005.[7][8]

The team's current head coach is Smoke Laval, who took over from Rhodes after the 2010 season. Their home stadium is Dusty Rhodes Field at Harmon Stadium.[9][10]

Notably, the team's former logo is similar to the New York Yankees logo. It was designed in 1986 at the urging of Dusty Rhodes and continued, and brought extra attention to the baseball program.[11] It was discontinued after Rhodes' retirement in 2010 and replaced with a new logo for the 2011 season.

Men's basketball[edit]

The North Florida Ospreys men's basketball and women's basketball teams began play in the 1992-1993 season. Matthew Driscoll is the current and fourth overall head coach of the men's basketball team. He was hired in 2009, just before UNF's completion of their transition into Division I play.[12]

In the 2011 season they advanced to the Atlantic Sun the championship game, where they were defeated by Belmont University. Going into the 2011-2012 season their all-time record is 200-340.[13]

Women's basketball[edit]

Mary Tappmeyer is the head coach of the women's basketball team, and has been since the program's inception in 1992. They made the NCAA Division II Tournament twice, in 2003 and 2004. They were 2009-2010 A-Sun Conference runner-ups.[14]

Men's basketball during practice at UNF Arena

Cross Country[edit]

The men's cross country team has earned 4 conference titles in Division II, 3 of which came while UNF was in the Sunshine State Conference (1994–1996), and the fourth came in 2000 during their time in the Peach Belt Conference.

The women's cross country team has earned 5 conferences title in Division II, 3 in the Sunshine State Conference (1994–1996), and two in the Peach Belt Conference (2001, 2003).[15] They won their first A-Sun conference title in 2010.[16]


The men's golf team earned UNF's first Division I conference title in 2008. They use UNF's on-campus Hayt Golf Learning Center, which has a three hole course and driving range.

Team Honors:
NAIA National Titles (2): 1991, 1993
NCAA Division II Regional Appearances (5): 1999-2002, 2008
NCAA Division II Championship Appearances (1): 2000[17]
NCAA Division I Championship Appearances (2): 2012, 2013

A women's golf team was recently announced to be added, and will begin play in 2012.[18]

Soccer match at Hodges Stadium

Sand Volleyball[edit]

A women's sand volleyball team will be added in Spring of 2012, and current volleyball head coach Kevin Campbell will lead the new team.[19]


UNF soccer's home matches are held at Hodges Stadium. As of 2009, men's soccer's all-time record is 149-138[20] and the women's record is 151-88-15.[21]


Osprey Softball competes at home at the UNF Softball Complex, next to Harmon Stadium. They have a 619-24 all-time record (as of 2009).[22]

Team Honors:
NCAA Division II Tournament Appearances (7): 1999-2005

Swimming & diving[edit]

Women's swimming & diving competes in the Coastal Collegiate Swimming Association.[23]

Volleyball team with Ozzie in UNF Arena


Tennis at UNF began in 1984, and the women's team has earned two national championships (1984–85 and 1993–94). Both men's and women's tennis has won seven conference championships each.[24][25]

Track & field[edit]

UNF Track & Field hosted the 2009 Atlantic Sun Conference Championships at Hodges Stadium, the first Division I Conference Championship hosted at UNF.


Women's volleyball at UNF began in 1991, and have an overall record of 401-178 (as of 2008). They play their home games at UNF Arena.[26] They won eight Peach Belt Conference championships, between 1997-2004.

Traditions and rivalries[edit]

SunTrust River City Rumble

"The Swoop" is a key UNF tradition, similar in principle to UF's Gator Chomp or FSU's Tomahawk Chop as the recognized gesture to show school spirit. It simulates the movement of an Osprey flying through the "swooping" of a fan's arms. "Swoop" is also an acronym that stands for Students With Outstanding Osprey Pride.

North Florida's most notable rivalry is with crosstown opponents the Jacksonville University Dolphins.[27] The two universities contest the "River City Rumble", in which the school with the most wins over the other across all sports receives a trophy, the SunTrust Old Wooden Barrel.[28] UNF has been on the losing end of the men's basketball rivalry; at the close of the 2010–2011 regular season, North Florida was 1–13 against Jacksonville. The series was so one-sided that North Florida coach Driscoll refused to call it a rivalry until the Ospreys had won. This changed when North Florida finally defeated the Dolphins in the 2011 A-Sun quarterfinals in one of the young program's most significant wins.[29][30]

Osprey basketball and baseball games can be heard on 105.7FM in Jacksonville.[31]


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