North Korean parliamentary election, 2014

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North Korean parliamentary election, 2014
North Korea
2009 ←
9 March 2014
→ 2019

All 687 seats to the Supreme People's Assembly
  Majority party


Leader Kim Jong Un
Party Workers' Party
Alliance Fatherland Front
Leader's seat 111th Paektusan
Seats won 687
Seat change 0

Premier before election

Pak Pong-ju
Workers' Party


Pak Pong-ju
Workers' Party

Parliamentary elections in North Korea, creating the 13th Supreme People's Assembly, were held on 9 March 2014.[1]


This is the first election since the assumption of Kim Jong-un as leader of the country following the death of Kim Jong-il and the execution of Jang Song-thaek. Since members of the Supreme People's Assembly typically hold other top official posts, the elections are closely watched by outside analyst for any hints for a shift in power in North Korea. According to Sejong Institute in South Korea Kim is expected to use the elections to replace aging legislators with younger ones loyal to him.[2]

These elections are an effective way to poll the population on their opinion on the government.[3] In addition, it functions as a way for the government to determine whether any of its citizens have illegally changed their voting district within the country, or if people have left the country. The North Korean Government does so by enforcing borders and surveillance, in order to make sure that the voter turnout is reflective of the population. If there are missing people, then the local workers and residents are found responsible, so local workers attempt to ensure order in their region.[4]

On 12 January 2014, North Korean media reported that the Central Election Committee was formed for the upcoming elections. The election committee will consist of a chairman, Yang Hyong-sop (Vice President of the SPA Presidium), Vice chairman, Kim Pyong-hae (Workers' Party of Korea Secretary and Director of Cadres Affairs), Secretary-General, Hong Son-ok (Secretary-General of the SPA Presidium) and other members. According to Korean Central News Agency, the scheduling of the election and formation of the election committee were part of a decision by the SPA Presidium issued on 7 January.[5] On 15 January, KCNA reported that election committees had been established in the military and at the provincial, city and county levels in preparation for the elections.[6]

On 4 February, KCNA reported that a meeting of electorates in Paektusan Constituency 111 nominated WPK first secretary Kim Jong-un as deputy to the Supreme People's Assembly.[7] According to a report in the Rodong Sinmun, the meeting to select him took place in the presence of senior military heavyweights KPA General Political Department Director Choe Ryong-hae, Chief of the General Staff of the Korean People's Army Ri Yong-gil, and Minister of the People's Armed Forces Jang Jong-nam.[8][9][10]

Voting practices and procedures[edit]

The main purpose of elections in North Korea is to determine the location and political allegiance[3] as well as to fill parliament seats with new members who are loyal to Kim Jong Un. Members of the Supreme People's Assembly are elected in single-member constituencies, with one approved candidate put forward in each constituency.[11] Large groups of voters are presented with a ballot while moving through a voting booth, on which there is a single box to tick a candidate's name.[12] Voters must stop to cross out the candidate, making the process a monitored event.[3] Voting is compulsory in North Korea.[13] Some North Koreans in China who defected to South Korea after the famine in their home country in the mid-1990s have said they did so because they feared punishment back home for failing to show up for parliamentary elections.[3]


The election involved 17,645,838 registered voters out of a population of 24,720,407 (estimated figures). The main parties taking part were the Workers' Party of Korea, the Korean Social Democratic Party, the Chondoist Chongu Party as well as independent candidates.[14] All candidates were also members of the Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland. While there are officially four parties in North Korean politics, each candidate must be approved by the Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland, the dominant party in North Korean politics.

Alliance Party Votes % Seats
Democratic Front
for the Reunification
of the Fatherland
Workers' Party of Korea 607
Korean Social Democratic Party 50
Cheondoist Chongu Party 22
Independents 8
Total 100 687
Total 100 687
Registered voters/turnout 17,645,838 99.97
Source: Korean Central News Agency[15]

Elected members[edit]

Constituency number Constituency name Deputy elected[16]
1 Mankyongdae Pak Jong-nam
2 Kwangbok Choe Phyong-il
3 Phalkol Yun Yong-chol
4 Changhun Kim Yun-sil
5 Kalrimkil O Ryong-thaek
6 Chukjon Ri Ul-sol
7 Taephyong Kim Yong-bok
8 Wonro Kim Tong-suk
9 Kyongsang Kim Kwang-chol
10 Kyoku Hong So-hon
11 Ryonhwa Sim Kyong-ok
12 Sochang Kil Kum-sun
13 Phyongchon Ri Yon-hui
14 Ansan Ri Yong-sik
15 Ponghak Pak Hyang-sim
16 Ryukkyo Mun Sok-bul
17 Saemaul Cho Kil-nyo
18 Pothongkang Pang Sung-son
19 Ryukyong Kim Ung-chol
20 Pulkunkori Ri Mi-ok
21 Kaeson Yang Hyong-sob
22 Pipha Cho Yon-jun
23 Chonsung O Kuk-ryol
24 Kinmaul Pyon Yong-sam
25 Sosong Kim Hae-song
26 Changkyong Kim Tong-hyok
27 Hasin Kim Kyong-su
28 Chungsin Pak Pong-nam
29 Taesong Thae Hyong-chol
30 Ryonghung Kim Yong-ju
31 Anhak Chong Myong-il
32 Tongmun Kim Song-hui
33 Chongryu Kim Myong-sik
34 Munsu Ri Myong-chol
35 Thabje Ri Yong-mu
36 Sakok Ryang Pong-jin
37 Tongdaewon Choe Yong-rim
38 Ryuldong Kim Sok-nam
39 Sinri Kim In-chol
40 Samma Yun Sok-chon
41 Sonkyo Ri Kyong-il
42 Tungme Kim Yong-il
43 Ryulkok Hwang Kil-chol
44 Yongje Mun Kang-sun
45 Rakrang Choe Song-il
46 Chongo Chang Jae-on
47 Chongbaek Choe Myong-hak
48 Chungsong Ri Kun-il
49 Kwanmun Kim Kyok-sik
50 Sungri Kim Yang-kon
51 Wonam Pak Hyong-ryol
52 Ryongsong Ri Song-hui
53 Rimwon Cha Hui-rim
54 Ryongkung Chu Kyu-chang
55 Unha Kim Yong-nam
56 Oun Choe Chun-sik
57 Masan Choe Song-won
58 Kwahak Chang Chol
59 Paesan Pak Thae-song
60 Sadong Cho Hyong-chol
61 Turu Pak Yong-ae
62 Hyuam Choe Thae-bok
63 Rihyon Chong Yong-suk
64 Ryokpho Hong Son-ok
65 Nungkum Ri Chang-sik
66 Hyongjesan Choe Chol-jung
67 Hadang Ro Ik-hwa
68 Hyongsan Kim Jong-suk
69 Sinmi Kim Pong-chol
70 Sunan Kang Ki-sob
71 Sokbak Chong Myong-chol
72 Samsok Kim Phyong-hae
73 Todok Kim Yong-chun
74 Kangnam Han Ho-nam
75 Yongjin Ri Hyon-chol
76 Kangdong Cho Chun-ryong
77 Ponghwa Kim Yong-dae
78 Samdung Kim Yong-ho
79 Hari Chong Myong-su
80 Hukryong Kim Phyo-hun
81 Munhwa Ri Man-song
82 Phyongsong Chae Myong-hak
83 Undok An Myong-ok
84 Ori Kang Sok-ju
85 Samhwa Ro Tu-chol
86 Kuwol Yun Yong-nam
87 Okjon Pak Kil-nam
88 Paeksong Kim Jong-im
89 Anju Chae Ho-nam
90 Sinanju Pak Sun-nyo
91 Tongmyon Han Kwang-sang
92 Wonphung Kang Yong-su
93 Namphyong Kim Myong-chol
94 Namhung Ri Mu-yong
95 Kaechon Kim Kum-suk
96 Ramjon Mun Myong-hak
97 Sambong Ri Yong-chol
98 Konji Paek Song-nam
99 Kangchol Chang Pyong-kyu
100 Ryongjin Kim Sun-hwa
101 Kagam Han Song-ho
102 Alil Rim Tong-chol
103 Ryongun Ri Yong-su
104 Sunchon O Yong-kon
105 Thaebaeksan Kim Kwang-hyok
106 Odaesan Ri Pyong-chol
107 Unphasan Cha Jun-sik
108 Chilbongsan Sim Jae-ul
109 Myoraksan Choe Yong-ho
110 Changamsan Ho Ryong
111 Paektusan Kim Jong-un[17]
112 Pongsusan Ri Song-sun
113 Sobaeksan Kim Jong-kwan
114 Namchongang Hwang Kun-il
115 Changjagang Kim Myong-sik
116 Sinphagang Chin Chol-su
117 Taesongsan Pyon In-son
118 Mannyonsan Chon Il
119 Kuwolsan Kim Jin-chol
120 Hannasan No Kwang-chol
121 Chonmasan Chon Yong-hak
122 Samkaksan Ri Kyong-chon
123 Sungrisan Cho Kyong-chol
124 Osongsan Ri Yong-rae
125 Rokdusan So Hong-chan
126 Unbaeksan Choe Tong-yun
127 Pongsungsan Kim Kwang-chol
128 Paekmasan Ri Jong-kuk
129 Songaksan Kim Kum-chol
130 Suyangsan An Kuk-chol
131 Sindoksan Choe Song-un
132 Myongdangsan Han Chang-sun
133 Pongaksan Pak Yong-bok
134 Taemyongsan Kim Myong-nam
135 Ryongaksan Kim Sok-hong
136 Songchonkang An Ji-yong
137 Phyongchonkang Pak Su-il
138 Sujongkang Chin Yong-chol
139 Chailkang Kim Song-il
140 Samchonkang Pak Jong-chon
141 Somjinkang Song Sok-won
142 Yongchonkang Kim Chun-sam
143 Okchonkang Choe Ryong-hae
144 Ryesankang Pak Sung-won
145 Oekumkang Kim Su-kil
146 Kalmakang Chon Jae-kwon
147 Haekumkang Kim Chol
148 Piphakang Kim Kwang-hyon
149 Kumchonkang Ri Yong-kil
150 Taedongkang Chang Jong-nam
151 Chachonkang Ri Chol
152 Aprokkang Pang Chang-dok
153 Tumankang Pak Tong-hak
154 Kunmasan An Ki-chol
155 Naekumkang Ri Kwan-su
156 Kumsu Yun Jong-rin
157 Haebal Kim Song-dok
158 Moranbong Ri Kuk-jun
159 Haebang Kim Won-hong
160 Pyoldong Choe Pu-il
161 Hyoksin Kang Phil-hun
162 Hwaebul Kim Myong-ju
163 Chonjin Hwang Min-chol
164 Chasongkang Ri Yong-hwan
165 Ponghwasan Sin Sung-hun
166 Kumkangsan Ro Kyong-jun
167 Saedok Kim Song-ui
168 Soksu Choe Yong-il
169 Ryonpho Choe Yong-kon
170 Cheyak Pak Pong-ju
171 Subok Choe Hwi
172 Chikdong Song Chang-ho
173 Ryongak Choe Ji-son
174 Tokchon Kim Chol-ung
175 Kongwon Ro Hung-se
176 Chenam Ri Yong-chol
177 Chongsong Hong In-bom
178 Sangdok Choe Kwang-jin
179 Changsang Hyon Ung-sil
180 Taedong Hong Kwang-suk
181 Sijong Kim Chang-sob
182 Yonkok Kim Hye-ran
183 Chungsan Ri Ryong-nam
184 Kwangje Sin O-sun
185 Phungjong Han Chol
186 Phyongwon Kim Jung-hyob
187 Wonhwa So Kyong-sim
188 Opha Ma Won-chun
189 Unbong Son Kyong-nam
190 Hanchon Sim Kuk-ryong
191 Sukchon Kim Kye-kwan
192 Ryongdok Kim Man-song
193 Yoldusamchon Kim Yong-kil
194 Namyang Yu Jong-sok
195 Komsan Chang Hyon-chol
196 Mundok Pak Myong-chol
197 Ribsok Rim Tok-hwa
198 Ryongo Chu Myong-son
199 Songchon Tong Jong-ho
200 Kunja Chu Su-yong
201 Sinsongchon Ho Jong-chon
202 Changrim Kim Ki-kun
203 Sinyang An Kum-chol
204 Yangdok Kang Chu-ryon
205 Tongyang Kim Ok-ryon
206 Unsan Kil Rye-su
207 Chonsong Kang Hyong-bong
208 Kubong Hyon Sang-ju
209 Chaedong Kim Kyong-ho
210 Haksan Sin Ung-sik
211 Mangil Kim Kwang-uk
212 Pukchang Kim Yong-chol
213 Songnam Mun Sun-hui
214 Okchon Kim Yon-hwa
215 Inpho U Won-yong
216 Maengsan Cho Won-thaek
217 Nyongwon Pak Tong-chol
218 Taehung Kim Sang-uk
219 Hoechang Son Sok-kun
220 Sinjak Kim Pae-jong
221 Chongnam Pak Yong-jin
222 Komunkum An Chol-sik
223 Tukjang Chon Hak-chol
224 Unkok Kim Tong-il
225 Sinuiju So Ran-hui
226 Paeksa Ri Hak-song
227 Namjung Kim Kyong-nam
228 Minpho Ri Kwang-kun
229 Sumun Chon Il-chun
230 Chinson O Jong-hui
231 Ryusang Chong Myong-hak
232 Wai Ri Pong-juk
233 Sokha Kim Hye-yong
234 Rakchong Pak Jong-kun
235 Yonha Yun Tu-kun
236 Kusong So Chun-yong
237 Paeksok Pak Chun-kon
238 Panghyon Yun Tong-hyon
239 Namchang Ri Jong-kuk
240 Chahung O Mun-hyon
241 Chongju Kim Ik-chol
242 Tokon Kim Hui-suk
243 Koan Kim Kyong-ae
244 Namho Ri Yong-jun
245 Kalsan Kwon Song-ho
246 Sakju Pak Song-sil
247 Phungnyon Ri Man-kon
248 Suphung Kang Won-sik
249 Chongsong Kim Pong-il
250 Phihyon Kim Jong-sun
251 Ryangchaek Han Song-hyok
252 Paekma Kim Yong-son
253 Ryongchon Ri Myong-chol
254 Pukjung Kim Yong-man
255 Ryongampho Kwak Chol-ho
256 Sinam Kim Yong-sun
257 Yomju Chu Yong-sik
258 Tasa Choe Yong-dok
259 Oeha Paek On
260 Cholsan So Tong-myong
261 Kasan Ri Chol
262 Tongrim Hong Kyong-jun
263 Chongkang Choe Sang-kon
264 Sinkok Ri Yong-chol
265 Sonchon Chong Yong-won
266 Wolchon Choe Kang
267 Samsong Chon Yong-son
268 Inam Ho Kwang-chun
269 Kwaksan Kye Myong-chol
270 Wonha Cha Sung-su
271 Chojang Kim Jae-song
272 Unjon Kim In-sun
273 Taeo Chon Kyong-son
274 Posok Choe Kwang-chol
275 Pakchon Kim Hak-chol
276 Toksam Ryu Jong-kuk
277 Maengjung Chon Kyong-nam
278 Nyongbyon Kim Kum-sil
279 Phalwon Kim Jong-bin
280 Kujang Kim Hi-thaek
281 Ryongdung Kim Yong-song
282 Ryongmun Ri Kyong-jin
283 Suku Chong Ri-jong
284 Hyangsan Chon Hyong-jong
285 Thaephyong Kim Kyong-hui
286 Unsan Kim Yong-chun
287 Phungyang Ri Chol-jin
288 Choyang Kim Chang-ryong
289 Thaechon O Hye-son
290 Unhung Ho Jong-ok
291 Hakbong Kim Man-su
292 Chonma Choe Jong-kon
293 Choak Kim Kun-chol
294 Uiju Chang Pyong-thae
295 Unchon Ryang Su-jong
296 Tokryong Mo Sung-kil
297 Taekwan Cho Yong-su
298 Taeryong Cha Myong-ok
299 Changsong Kim Yun-sok
300 Tongchang Han Chol-min
301 Pyokdong Cho Song-yun
302 Sindo Ri Yong-chol
303 Yaksan Choe Song-il
304 Haechong So Sung-chol
305 Ubpha Kim Hyon-suk
306 Okkye Choe Jong-ryong
307 Soae Kang Ji-yong
308 Sokchon Sim Il-chol
309 Hakhyon U Chang-sik
310 Pyoksong Pak Un-ok
311 Chukchon Ri Yong-chol
312 Kangryong Chang Yong-su
313 Pupho Yo Man-hyon
314 Kumdong Choe Sun-chol
315 Ongjin Sim Chol-ho
316 Raengjong Paek Kyong-sin
317 Samsan Kim Mok-ryong
318 Chonsan Kim Jong-man
319 Thaethan Chu Jong-kyong
320 Kwasan Ri Jong-kuk
321 Changyon Kim Il-jin
322 Rakyon Kang Thae-bong
323 Samchon Kim Ik-jung
324 Talchon Kim Jong
325 Songhwa Cha Yong-myong
326 Unryul Ri Song-ok
327 Kumsanpho Kang Kil-yong
328 Changryon Kim Sung-du
329 Unchon Kim Tok-song
330 Ryangdam Hong Kum-son
331 Anak Chi Sang-man
332 Wolji Choe Yong-sam
333 Taechu Hwang Yun-nam
334 Omkos Ri Chol-man
335 Sinchon Mun Ung-jo
336 Saenal Chae Yong-il
337 Saekil Pak Yong-ho
338 Panjong Ri Jong-bong
339 Chaeryong An Sung-ok
340 Samjikang Ri Hye-suk
341 Changkuk Ri Myong-kil
342 Pukji Kim Tae-song
343 Sinwon Kim Ok-kyu
344 Muhak Ri Su-yong
345 Pongchon Kang Yong-jun
346 Sindab Kang Jong-hui
347 Paechon Won Kyong-mo
348 Kumsong Chin Sang-chol
349 Chongchon Kim Jin-kuk
350 Unbong Kye Yong-sam
351 Kumkok Kang Myong-chol
352 Yonan Kang Phyo-yong
353 Ohyon Chin Yon-sil
354 Songho Ri Thae-sik
355 Chonthae Kong Yon-ok
356 Haewol Kim Hyong-ryong
357 Chongdan Ri Chang-ryong
358 Namchon Kwon Thae-mun
359 Tokdal Ri Hong-sob
360 Hwayang Ri Sung-ho
361 Ryongyon Choe Un
362 Kumi Hwang Kang-chol
363 Kwail Cho Jong-sob
364 Sindae Song Hyo-nam
365 Sariwon O Myong-chun
366 Wonju O Il-jong
367 Mikok Song Yun-hui
368 Sonkyong Kang Ha-kuk
369 Kwangsong Kang Ryon-hak
370 Chongbang Hwang Pyong-so
371 Unha Chae Kang-hwan
372 Kuchon Chang Myong-sil
373 Songrim Yun Je-won
374 Sokthab Kim Chung-kol
375 Tangsan Kwak Pom-ki
376 Kaesong Paek Chun-ki
377 Tonghyon Won Tong-yon
378 Sonjuk Ri Jong-hyok
379 Unhak Pang Kang-su
380 Tokam Chon Yong-nam
381 Phyonghwa Kim Song-hui
382 Ryongsan Ri Kil-song
383 Kaephung Kim Jong-kak
384 Hwangju Chon Sung-nam
385 Chongryong Ri Chol-ho
386 Samjong Kim Chol-kuk
387 Hukkyo Kim Yong-kon
388 Yonthan Ri Hun-yong
389 Misan Ri Yong-sik
390 Pongsan Pak Thae-dok
391 Madong Kim Song-chol
392 Chongkye Kim Chang-kwang
393 Kuyon Kim Ok-son
394 Unpha Pae Hak
395 Kangan Choe Chang-son
396 Kwangmyong Rim Sok-bok
397 Rinsan Choe Jin-su
398 Taechon Kim Jong-ok
399 Sohung Ri Thae-sob
400 Poman Ri Jae-uk
401 Suan Choe Sin-uk
402 Namjong Pak Yong-chol
403 Yonsan Kim Tu-chol
404 Holdong Ri Jong-mu
405 Sinphyong Ri Chol-kyu
406 Mannyon Ri Yong-jin
407 Koksan Cho Jun-hak
408 Phyongam Ryu Myong-kum
409 Sinkye Nam Yong-suk
410 Chongbong Cho Song-hwan
411 Chuchon Pak Ui-chun
412 Phyongsan Choe Kyong-nam
413 Chongsu Ho Yong-chun
414 Kumchon Kim Wan-su
415 Hyonnae Pak Hye-suk
416 Thosan Kim Jong-ok
417 Yangsa Chang Ki-ho
418 Changphung Cho Yong-chol
419 Kuhwa Pak Sun-kil
420 Sangwon Kim Yong-ho
421 Myongdang Yun Jae-hyok
422 Chunghwa Han Ung-su
423 Chaesong Kim Ki-nam
424 Sungho Im Hun
425 Mathan Ri Hwa-sil
426 Wonmyong Kim Ui-bong
427 Kangkye Choe Chang-son
428 Yonju An Yong-nam
429 Puchang Chon Kil-su
430 Yahak Ri Kwang
431 Sokhyon Han Yong-ho
432 Oeryong Kim Hye-ran
433 Naeryong Kim Kwang-ju
434 Manpho Kim Chun-sob
435 Kuo Hong Sung-mu
436 Munak Pyon Kyong-hwan
437 Huichon Cho Jae-yong
438 Solmoru So Kyong-ho
439 Chuphyong Ra Kyong-ryong
440 Chongnyon Chon Yong-ung
441 Chonphyong Ri Yong
442 Songkan Pak To-chun
443 Songryong Sin Kwan-jin
444 Chonchon Chong Chun-sil
445 Hakmu Chong Sung-ki
446 Koin Kim Kum-chol
447 Ryongrim Kim Ryong-sil
448 Tongsin Pak Yong-su
449 Songwon Ri Yong-ju
450 Changkang Kim Chang-myong
451 Hyangha Kim Chae-ran
452 Rangrim Ri Jong-suk
453 Hwaphyong Kim Kwang-chol
454 Chasong Chang Song-kuk
455 Chungkang Ryom In-yun
456 Sijung Pang Kwan-bok
457 Wiwon O Kum-chol
458 Ryangkang Pyon Won-chol
459 Chosan Pak Kum-hui
460 Kophung Pak Kyong-il
461 Usi Kim Tok-hun
462 Sekil An Yong-kuk
463 Kwanphung Pyon Ung-kyu
464 Changdok Yun Sang-bom
465 Pongchun Pak Jong-nam
466 Myongsok Ho Jong-man
467 Wonnam Rim Sun-hui
468 Phohwa Han Won-il
469 Pokmak Kim Kwang-il
470 Kalma Kim Yun-hyok
471 Munchon Ri Hak-chol
472 Munphyong Chi Jong-kwan
473 Okphyong Kim Jong-sim
474 Chonnae Kwon Kum-ryong
475 Hwara Kim Jin-kyu
476 Anbyon Han Pyong-man
477 Paehwa Kim Yong-sik
478 Kosan Ho Song-il
479 Puphyong Chong Hae
480 Solbong Son Kum-wol
481 Thongchon O Kang-chol
482 Songjon Yun Yong-il
483 Kosong Kim In-bok
484 Onjong Pak Myong-kuk
485 Kumkang Kang Su-rin
486 Soksa Kye Hun-nyo
487 Changdo Pak Kun-kwang
488 Kimhwa Kim Tong-son
489 Songsan Kim Chon-kyun
490 Hoeyang Mun Yong-chol
491 Sepho Hwang Min
492 Huphyong Won To-hui
493 Phyongkang Son Chol-ju
494 Pokkye Ri Jong-mun
495 Cholwon Pak Tu-phil
496 Naemun Kim Kuk-chang
497 Ichon Han Yong-chol
498 Phankyo Paek Jong-sun
499 Pobdong Han Chun-sik
500 Somun Kim Yong-jin
501 Samil Han Chang-nam
502 Sangsinhung Chu Yong-suk
503 Tonghungsan Mun Yong-son
504 Sosang Thae Jong-su
505 Phungho Mun Sang-kwon
506 Hoesang Yu Kyong-suk
507 Sekori Han Song-il
508 Chongsong Kwon Son-hwa
509 Toksan Ho Song-chol
510 Sapho Ri Chun-hwa
511 Saekori Chong Pyong-kon
512 Choun Kim Sung-ki
513 Hungdok Yu Kwang-jong
514 Hungso Mun Kwang-il
515 Haean Chong Chang-sok
516 Unjung Kim Il-hun
517 Chonki Kong Sung-il
518 Ryujong Choe Hyon
519 Soho Kim Chol-yong
520 Sinpho Song Chun-sob
521 Phungo Choe Myong-chol
522 Ohang Ri Hyok
523 Yanghwa Tong Yong-il
524 Tanchon Ri Chan-hwa
525 Ssangryong Chon Hye-song
526 Sindanchon Ho Thae-chol
527 Omong Kang Jong-kwan
528 Ryongdae Pak Yong-sik
529 Kwangchon Ri Chun-sam
530 Paekkumsan Chang Chun-kun
531 Kumkol Choe Chol
532 Pukdu Hwang Yong-sam
533 Sudong Ri Chang-han
534 Ryongphyong Kang Pyong-hu
535 Changdong Hwang Pong-chol
536 Kowon Kang Thae-sok
537 Puraesan Kim Hyon-jin
538 Yodok Han Ryong-kuk
539 Kumya Ri Kyu-man
540 Inhung Chang Sun-kum
541 Kajin Chon Yong-nam
542 Kwangmyongsong Chon Kwang-ho
543 Chungnam Sok Won-chun
544 Chongphyong Nam Yong-hwal
545 Sondok Pak Chun-nam
546 Sinsang Ri Tong-chun
547 Chowon Ri Hye-jong
548 Toksan Chang Ung
549 Changjin Kim Chol-kyu
550 Yangji Kwon Thae-yong
551 Pujon Choe Chol-hu
552 Sinhung Kim Sok-sun
553 Sangwonchon Kye Pong-chun
554 Puhung Han Ju-song
555 Yongkwang Ri Wan-ho
556 Sujon Pak Jong-hyon
557 Kisang Choe Kwi-hon
558 Hamju An Jong-su
559 Kusang Kim Song-bong
560 Tongbong Ri Yong-ae
561 Sangjung Kim Jong-sok
562 Sojung Kim Tong-chun
563 Samho Cha Kyong-il
564 Hongwon Choe Pok-sun
565 Sanyang Hong Chol-kun
566 Unpho Ryang Chang-nam
567 Toksong Kim Sang-ryong
568 Changhung Chong Kyong-hwa
569 Pukchong Kim Jin-kuk
570 Sinchang Chong Tok-yong
571 Sinbukchong Kang Jong-ho
572 Chonghung Ho Myong-ok
573 Riwon Ko Son-ok
574 Rahung Han Jang-bin
575 Chaejong Kim Kyong-jun
576 Hochon Sin Pyong-kang
577 Sinhong Chong Kwang-kuk
578 Sangnong Choe In-ho
579 Kumho Ri Je-son
580 Ranam O Se-kwan
581 Rabuk Choe Sok-hwan
582 Namchongjin Kim Ki-song
583 Puyun Ri Sang-kwan
584 Songphyong So Yong-hak
585 Sabong Kim Kwang-nam
586 Kangdok Tong Hun
587 Susong Kim Hyong-chan
588 Sunam Paek Kum-sil
589 Malum Rim Mun-chol
590 Phohang Chong Song-hyok
591 Subuk O Kyong-sok
592 Namhyang Kim Yong-jae
593 Sinjin Kang Chol-ku
594 Kyodong O Su-yong
595 Chongam Kim Chol-ho
596 Ryonjin Song Ryong-su
597 Kwanhae Sin Chol-ung
598 Hoeryong Chong Son-hui
599 Osandok Ri Sun-sil
600 Mangyang Ri Kwi-ok
601 Yuson Ri Ryong-kuk
602 Songam Chon Song-man
603 Chonghak Ho Thae-ryul
604 Chekang Ri Song-jae
605 Changphyong Ho Jae-ryul
606 Haksong Kim Kum-ok
607 Kilju Kang Yong-thae
608 Ilsin Kim Il
609 Chunam Kim Song-ho
610 Yongbuk Kim Su-il
611 Hwadae Cho Kum-hui
612 Ryongpho Yu Chol-u
613 Myongchon Nam Sung-u
614 Ryongam Kim Thaek-ku
615 Myongkan An Tong-chun
616 Ryongban Ri Pom-kyong
617 Kukdong Choe Yong-suk
618 Orang Choe Yong-suk
619 Odaejin Chon Kwang-rok
620 Kyongsong Chong Yong-su
621 Hamyon Hong Pong-chol
622 Sungam Nam Hong-son
623 Puryong Ryang Yong-ho
624 Musan Myong Song-chol
625 Soedol Phyo Il-sok
626 Sangchang Kim Yong-kwang
627 Yonsa Ro Song-ung
628 Onsong Ri Thae-jin
629 Wangjaesan Kim Song-jong
630 Chongsong Kim Yong-kol
631 Kyongwon Sok Kil-ho
632 Kokonwon Kim Myong-son
633 Ryongbuk Chi Jae-ryong
634 Kyonghung Hong Man-ho
635 Haksong O Yong-nam
636 Obong Cha Song-nam
637 Hyesan Pak Chol-ho
638 Hyejang Chong Hyong-suk
639 Thabsong Chang In-suk
640 Songbong Ri Sang-won
641 Ryonbong Kim Mi-nam
642 Sinpha Kim Sung-hui
643 Phophyong Han Myong-song
644 Koub Yun Man-kol
645 Phungsan Kim Yu-suk
646 Pochon Pang Kwang-nam
647 Samjiyon Chu Thae-kyong
648 Taehongdan Kim Kwang-ho
649 Paekam An Mun-hak
650 Yuphyong Song Jong-su
651 Unhung Ri Song-kuk
652 Saengjang Choe Ki-jun
653 Kabsan Yon Thae-jong
654 Oil An Yong-ki
655 Phungso Ri Kyong-hwa
656 Samsu Han Myong-kuk
657 Hangku Kang Yang-mo
658 Hupho Han Kwang-bok
659 Munae Ro Ik
660 Konkuk Ri Jae-il
661 Ryusa Ha Ung-chon
662 Waudo Ri Kil-chun
663 Namsan Kim Tuk-sam
664 Taedae Kang Nung-su
665 Kapmun Tokko Chang-kuk
666 Kangso Kim Yong-song
667 Sohak Chong Myong-jo
668 Chongsan Yun Chun-hwa
669 Soki Ri Kwang-chol
670 Tokhung Ryu Mi-yong
671 Chonrima Chin Yong-il
672 Kangson Kim Hyong-nam
673 Pobong Chon Sung-hun
674 Hwasok Kim Kyong-ok
675 Taean Yang Sung-ho
676 Oksu Yun Hyang-sil
677 Ryongkang Im Jong-sil
678 Okdo Hwang Sun-hui
679 Onchon Kim Chol-man
680 Haeun Cho Yong-su
681 Sohwa Ri Song-il
682 Kwisong Hwang Yong-bo
683 Rajin Rim Kyong-man
684 Tongmyong Cho Jong-ho
685 Changphyong Sin Pong-yong
686 Sonbong Sin Tong-su
687 Ungsang Choe Song-nam

First session[edit]

In the first session of the 14th convoction Ri Yong Mu and O Kuk Ryol retained their positions as vice-chairmen of the National Defense Commission, But Kim Yong Chun lost his vice-chairman position to Choe Ryong-hae. Minister of the People's Armed Forces Jang Jong-nam, as well as Jo Chun-ryong were newly elected to the NDC while Choe Pu-il, Kim Won-hong and Pak To-chun retained their membership. In the Cabinet of North Korea, the body which manages the administrative-economic apparatus, Premier of North Korea Pak Pong-ju was once again reelected to the position, which he held from 2003 to 2007 and again since 2013. The positions in the cabinet remain primarily unchanged, and the premier, who manages the cabinet, has remained the same. Additionally, Kim Jong Un's younger sister, Kim Yo Jung, has been the first time she has been named in public, likely showing a rise in her own political power.[18] She was identified as state comrade, and senior official. She was shown with Kim Jong Un as he was making his way to vote at Kim Il Sung University. The most significant change in the cabinet was the replacement of Pak Ui-chun as Foreign Minister by Ri Su-yong.

Other appointment in the Cabinet:

  • Mun Myong-hak replaced Ri Yong-yong as Minister of Coal Industry
  • Kim Yong-gwang replaced Han Hyo-yon as Minister of Metallurgical Industry
  • Ri Hak-chol replaced Kang Min-chol as Minister of Mining Industry
  • Han Ryong-guk replaced Kim Kwang-yong as Minister of Forestry
  • Kim Kyong-nam replaced Ri Song-ho as Minister of Commerce
  • Pak Chun-nam replaced Hong Kwang-sun as Minister of Culture
  • Kim Chon-gyun replaced Paek Ryong-chon as President of the Central Bank of North Korea
  • Pak Myong-chol replaced Kim Pyong-ryul as President of the Supreme Court (not a cabinet position)


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