North Lancashire and District Football League

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North Lancashire and District Football League
Country England
Confederation Lancashire County Football Association
Founded 1919
Divisions 5
Number of teams 60
Levels on pyramid 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
Feeder to West Lancashire Football League
Domestic cup(s) Senior Challenge Cup
Premier Division League Cup
Division One League Cup
Division Two League Cup
Division Three League Cup
Division Four League Cup
Reserve Challenge Cup
Current champions Carnforth Rangers (Premier Division)
Storeys of Lancaster (Division One)
Mayfield United (Division Two)
Caton United Reserves (Division Three)
Mayfield United Reserves (Division Four)

The North Lancashire and District Football League (currently sponsored by Baines Bagguley Solicitors) is a football competition based in England. The league was founded in 1919 and presently has a total of five divisions, the highest of which is the North Lancashire and District Football League Premier Division, and has a total of 60 teams, several of which are reserve teams although the league can accommodate up to 70 teams, and sits at level 14 of the English football league system. However the league is not officially part of the National League System and therefore has only an informal feeder agreement with the West Lancashire Football League with applicants only being accepted on such grounds as financial stability, ground quality and ground ownership amongst others. The league generally covers the area surrounding Lancaster and Morecambe but there are clubs from further afield in both Cumbria and North Yorkshire who also play in the league.

Member clubs[edit]

For the 2014-15 season:

Premier Division (Level 14)[edit]

  • Bentham
  • Bowerham
  • Carnforth Rangers
  • Cartmel & District
  • Caton United
  • College
  • Galgate
  • Highgrove
  • Ingleton
  • Marsh United
  • Moor Lane
  • Morecambe Royals
  • Storeys of Lancaster
  • Trimpell & Bare Rangers

Division One (Level 15)[edit]

  • Arnside
  • Bolton-le-Sands
  • Carnforth Rangers Reserves
  • Cartmel & District Reserves
  • Grange
  • Heysham
  • Kirkby Lonsdale
  • Lancaster Rovers
  • Mayfield United
  • Millhead
  • Swarthmoor Social Club
  • TIC Dynamos of Overton & Middleton
  • Westgate Wanderers

Division Two (Level 16)[edit]

  • AFC Moorlands
  • Burton Thistle
  • Caton United Reserves
  • CC Wanderers
  • Freehold
  • Galgate Reserves
  • Ingleton Reserves
  • Lancaster Boys Club
  • Marsh United Reserves
  • Morecambe Royals Reserves
  • TIC Dynamos of Middleton & Overton Reserves

Division Three (Level 17)[edit]

  • Carnforth Rangers 'A'
  • College Reserves
  • Highgrove Reserves
  • Lancaster Boys Clubs Reserves
  • Lancaster Rovers Reserves
  • Mayfield United Reserves
  • Moghuls
  • Preesall & Pilling
  • Storeys of Lancaster Reserves
  • Torrisholme
  • Trimpell & Bare Rangers Reserves

Division Four (Level 18)[edit]

  • Arnside Reserves
  • AFC Moorlands Reserves
  • Bentham Reserves
  • Burton United
  • Carnforth Rangers Youth
  • Cartmel & District 'A'
  • CC Wanderers Reserves
  • FC Britannia
  • Heysham Reserves
  • Millhead Reserves
  • Westgate Wanderers Reserves

Past winners[edit]

League competitions[edit]

Season Premier Division Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4
2009-10 Marsh United Swarthmoor Social Club Trimpell Galgate Reserves Pilling
2010-11 Highgrove Arnside Grange Morecambe Gold Moor Lane
2011-12 Carnforth Rangers TIC Dynamos of Overton & Middleton Carnforth Rangers Reserves Moor Lane Millhead Reserves
2012-13 TIC Dynamos of Overton & Middleton Trimpell Moor Lane Mayfield United Lancaster Rovers Reserves
2013-14 Carnforth Rangers Storeys of Lancaster Mayfield United Caton United Reserves Mayfield United Reserves

Cup competitions[edit]

Season Senior Challenge Cup Premier Division Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Reserve Cup
2009-10 Carnforth Rangers Morecambe Royals Caton United Carnforth Rangers Reserves Boys Club Reserves Trimpell Reserves Cartmel & District Reserves
2010-11 Storeys Highgrove Caton United Grange Villa Royale Lancaster Rovers Cartmel & District Reserves
2011-12 Cartmel & District Carnforth Rangers TIC Dynamos of Overton & Middleton Storeys Reserves Lancaster Rovers Whittle Wanderers Cartmel & District Reserves
2012-13 Carnforth Rangers Carnforth Rangers Freehold Lancaster Rovers Moghuls TIC Dynamos of Overton & Middleton Cartmel & District Reserves
2013-14 Carnforth Rangers Caton United Cartmel & District Reserves Galgate Reserves Lancaster Rovers Reserves FC Britannia Caton United Reserves


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