North Park Academy

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North Park Middle Academy
North Park Middle Academy Buffalo.JPG
780 Parkside Avenue
North Park
Status Focus School
School number 66
Principal Shanie Keelean
Vice principal Carolyn Nero
Grades 5-8
Dean of Students Lorene Boyd
School Administration Manager Carla J. Graves

North Park Middle Academy is a junior high school located in Buffalo, New York. The school is located at 780 Parkside Avenue and serves Grades 5 through 8. The current principal is Ms. Shanie Keelean and the current assistant principal is Ms. Carolyn Nero.


North Park Academy opened as School 66 in 1924. previously housed grades K through 8, and later switched to 5 and 8. It also was a sister school to P.S. 86, St. Lawrence Academy. St. Lawrence would later close. School 66 was renamed to North Park Academy as part of the desegregation plan.

Former principals[edit]

Selected former assistant principals[edit]

  • Mrs. Mildred D. Beck (English teacher - School 81, named Assistant Principal of E.C.C. 54)
  • Mr. Will Keresztes–?-1999 (Principal - St. Peter's Lutheran School, named Principal of Highgate Heights Elementary)
  • Ms. Angela Elmore–?-2003 (unknown, named Interim Principal of North Park Middle Academy[2])
  • Ms. Pamela Johnson [interim]–2003 (Teacher - North Park Academy,[2] returned to teaching)
  • Ms. Angela Moore


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