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North Shore Congregation Israel is a Reform synagogue located at 1185 Sheridan Road in Glencoe, Illinois.

The congregation started in 1920 as the North Shore branch of Sinai Congregation and is the oldest in the Chicago North Shore suburbs. First full time rabbi was Harvey Wessel in 1926.[1]

The congregation's 1964 building was designed by Minoru Yamasaki. Yamasaki composed the building as a series of arching fan vaults. The voids between the concrete shells of the fan vaults are filled with colored glass above and clear glass at eye level. Yamasaki describes his design as "a confluence of daylight and solids." [2] The building has been described as representative of "a period of post-war modernism that was characterized by assertive architectural gestures that had the strength and integrity to stand alone, without applied artwork or Jewish iconography."[2]


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