North Texas Premier Soccer Association

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North Texas Premier Soccer Organization
Country  United States
Confederation US Soccer
Founded 1974
Divisions 9
Levels on pyramid 5–13
Promotion to Promotes and relegates teams within itself
Relegation to Promotes and relegates teams within itself
Domestic cup(s) Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup
Current champions Legends FC

The North Texas Premier Soccer Association (NTPSA) is a soccer league run under the USASA. The league gained some fame once one of their clubs Dallas Roma F.C. reached the fourth round of the 2006 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup.[1]

NTPSA is a non-profit adult men sports organization serving Dallas and the seven surrounding counties in North Texas.[2] Organized in 1974 as a combination of two leagues, NTPSA has grown over the last 25 years to 5,000+ players annually in 4 age groupings. This league has age group divisions for ages 19–29, 30-39, 40-49, and 50-and-over age brackets.



Division 1A[3] Division 1B Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5 Division 6
Legends FC Chivas Inter Goodfriend United Somerset FC Olympia FC FC Tornado Rangers FC-Somnium
Santos FC Matadors Dartos Flomo FC North Texas FC STA Wildcats Delilah FC
Dallas Elite Rowlett Raiders FC Inter Dallas FC FC Blitzkrieg Dallas iTeam Crystal Head Vodka RC United
Famous United FC Metro Alliance FC Trinity United Rookies FC GSE Warriors FC Gunners FC
Liverpool FC Classics FC Leon FC-Morales CFH FC Texarsenal FC Ethio Dallas VP Warriors
NTX Rayados Burn FC Agnew United North Dallas United FC Baylor Weekenders International Dragon
Dallas TNT The Brew Crew Utd Club Soccer Dallas International Stars FC Dallas City FC Guerilla FC Carrollton
FSC Santos FC Retro United Rayados Bayern Munich Bad FC Dallas Cosmos Sporting Gijon
La Juve FC Leon FC Royals FC
Tilted Kilt Frisco FC

Board members[edit]

  • President: Larry Hall
  • Appeals and Discipline Chairman: Robert Hackett
  • Referee Chairman: Billy Harris
  • Field Chairman: Chris LeBlanc
  • Tournament Chairman: Jerry Deaton
  • Secretary/Registrar: Roger McDermott
  • Treasurer: Robert Malphurs
  • League Commissioner: Ben Contreras
  • General Manager: Andi Hall


  • Division 1A Commissioner: Roger McDermott
  • Division 1B Commissioner: Dan Veshia
  • Division 2 Commissioner: John Hall
  • Division 3 Commissioner: Billy Johnston
  • Division 4 Commissioner: Robert French
  • Division 5 Commissioner: Steve Kissner
  • Division 6 Commissioner: Miles Elliott
  • Division 7 Commissioner: None
  • Division 8 Commissioner: None
  • Division 9 Commissioner: None
  • Division 30A Commissioner: Dario Sifuentes
  • Division 30B Commissioner: Brian Norris
  • Division 30C Commissioner: Neil Nobie
  • Division 30D Commissioner: Bob Ducote
  • Division 30E Commissioner: Ali Sedghi
  • Division 30F Commissioner: Conrad Harrison
  • Division 30G Commissioner: Brandon Flohr
  • Division 40A Commissioner: Andy Macha
  • Division 40B Commissioner: Mike Daniels
  • Division 40C Commissioner: Walt Smith
  • Division 40D Commissioner: Jimmy Bortzfield
  • Division 40E Commissioner: Philip Crayton
  • Division 40F Commissioner: Allan Jensen
  • Division 50A Commissioner: Brad Jost
  • Division 50B Commissioner: Tina Flohr
  • Division 50C Commissioner: Gordon Finch


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