North University of China

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North University of China
Motto 致知于行
Established 1941
Type Public
President Jia Suotang
Undergraduates 30000
Postgraduates 3000
Location Taiyuan, Shanxi,  People's Republic of China
Former names Taihang Industrial School
North China Vocational School of Ordnance
Taiyuan Institute of Machinery

North University of China (NUC; simplified Chinese: 中北大学; traditional Chinese: 中北大學; pinyin: zhōngběidà xué) is a university based in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, China,which was once called North China Institute of Technology (1993–2004).[1] It was formerly known as Taihang Industrial School,which was founded in September 8, 1941, and renamed Taiyuan Institute of Machinery in 1958. School played an important role in the improvement of the quality of our manpower and weaponry of PLA during the War of Resistance against Japan and the War of Liberation. In 2001, Bo Yibo wrote an inscription "The first school people's ordnance(人民兵工第一校) " at the 60 years' celebration of North China Institute of technology.


NUC was formerly known as Taihang Industrial School,which was founded by the General headquarters of Eight Route Army in 1941. The first schoolmaster was Liu Ding who was in charge of United front.

Early History[edit]

  • In 1949:The school was relocated to now address and renamed North China Vocational School of Ordnance(华北兵工职业学校),few years later the name was changed to Taiyuan Machinery Manufacturing Industry School
  • In 1958:The school was promoted to a college since of the name which was changed to Taiyuan Institute of Machinery
  • In 1961:Approved by the State Council and Central Military Commission, the teachers, students, laboratory equipment, library materials of 4 departments of conventional weapons


(Artillery, automatic weapons, ammunition, fuses) from Beijing Industrial College(北京工业学院)(Present name:Beijing Institute of Technology北京理工大学) was all moved in.

  • In 1962: 2 departments of conventional weapons(gunpowder, explosives) from Shenyang Institute of Technology(沈阳工学院,presentname:Shenyang Polytechnic University沈阳理工大学)was moved in.
  • In 1963:The Institute was put under the National Defense Science, Technology and Industry Committee and became one of the eight colleges of Defense industryNotes.
  • In 1971:Had been put under The 5th Department of Machinery Industry.Then the college was closed down in July,the same year.
  • In 1993:Renamed to North China Institute of Technology.
  • In 2004:Renamed to North University of China

The eight colleges of Defense industry[edit]

  1. Harbin Institute of Technology 哈尔滨工业大学;
  2. Beijing Industrial College 北京工业学院,present name:Beijing Institute of Technology 北京理工大学(renamed in 1988);
  3. Beijing Aviation Institute 北京航空学院,former name:Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics 北京航空航天大学(renamed in 1988), present name: Beihang University (renamed in English in 2002);
  4. Shanghai Jiao Tong University 上海交通大学;
  5. Northwestern Polytechnical University 西北工业大学;
  6. Chengdu Institute of Telecommunications Engineering 成都电讯工程学院,present name:Electronics University of Science and Technology of China 电子科技大学(renamed in 1988);
  7. Nanjing Industrial College 南京航空学院,present name:Nanjing Aeronautics and Astronautics University南京航空航天大学(renamed in 1993);
  8. Taiyuan Institute of Machinery 太原机械学院,present name:North University of China中北大学(renamed in 2004);





  • 致知于行

College Song[edit]

  • 再铸辉煌



  1. 刘鼎1941年5月至1943年9月)
  2. 牛宝印1946年2月至1946年7月)
  3. 邸耀宗1949年8月至1952年10月)
  4. 厉瑞康1952年10月至1981年3月)
  5. 何源海1981年3月至1984年12月)
  6. 祖静1984年12月至1995年4月)
  7. 俞士谦1995年4月至2000年10月)
  8. 张文栋2000年10月至2009年12月)
  9. 贾锁堂2010年1月至2010年8月)
  10. 刘有智2012年8月至今)

Schools and Departments[edit]

1. School of Mechatronic Engineering

  1. Department of Mechatronic Control Engineering
  2. Department of Vehicle and Motive Force Engineering
  3. Department of Power Mechanical Engineering

2. School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation

  1. Department of Mechanical Engineering
  2. Department of Industrial Engineering
  3. Department of Process Control
  4. Department of Mechanical Automation

3. School of Material Science and Engineering

  1. Department of Material Science
  2. Department of Material Manufacture Engineering

4. School of Chemical Engineering and Environment

  1. Department of Chemical Engineering
  2. Department of Safety Engineering
  3. Department of Environmental Engineering

5. School of Information and Communication Engineering

  1. Department of Electronic Engineering
  2. Department of Information Engineering
  3. Department of Communication Engineering
  4. Department of Electric Engineering

6. School of Electronic and Computer Science and Technology

  1. Department of Electronic Science and Technology
  2. Department of Computer Science and Technology
  3. Department of Network Engineering

7. School of Science

  1. Department of Mathematics
  2. Department of Physics
  3. Department of Chemistry
  4. Department of Mechanics

8. School of Humanities and Social Sciences

  1. Department of Law
  2. Department of Foreign Languages
  3. Department of Journalism and Communication
  4. Department of Political and Administrative Science

9. School of Economics and Management

  1. Department of Economics
  2. Department of Management

10. School of Sports and Art

  1. Department of Sports
  2. Department of Art
  3. Department of Music

13. Software School

  1. Department of Software Engineering
  2. Department of Network Engineering
  3. Department of Information Technology

12. Graduate School

13. College of Continuing Education

Independent Colleges[edit]

  1. College of Information & Business


Key Laboratory[edit]

  1. 电子测试技术国防科技重点实验室(太原分部)
  2. 仪器科学与动态测试重点实验室

Engineering Research Center[edit]

  1. 传爆药研究开发及性能检测工程研究中心
  2. 集成精密塑性成型工程技术研究中心
  3. 化学工程技术研究中心
  4. 微米纳米技术研究中心
  5. 塑料研究所
  6. 无损检测中心

Results of Research[edit]



  1. 《中北大学学报(自然版)》
  2. 《中北大学学报(社科版)》
  3. 《测试技术学报》

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