North Warwickshire (UK Parliament constituency)

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North Warwickshire
County constituency
for the House of Commons
Outline map
Boundary of North Warwickshire in Warwickshire.
Outline map
Location of Warwickshire within England.
County Warwickshire
Electorate 70,544 (December 2010)[1]
Major settlements Atherstone, Bedworth, Coleshill and Polesworth
Current constituency
Created 1983
Member of parliament Dan Byles (Conservative)
Number of members One
Created from Meriden
Number of members Two
Type of constituency County constituency
Replaced by Nuneaton
Created from Warwickshire
European Parliament constituency West Midlands

North Warwickshire is a constituency[n 1] represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament since 2010 by Dan Byles, a Conservative.[n 2]


1983-2010: The Borough of North Warwickshire; and the Borough of Nuneaton and Bedworth wards of Exhall, Heath, Mount Pleasant, and Poplar.

2010-present: The Borough of North Warwickshire wards of Atherstone Central, Atherstone North, Atherstone South and Mancetter, Baddesley and Grendon, Coleshill North, Coleshill South, Curdworth, Dordon, Fillongley, Hurley and Wood End, Kingsbury, Newton Regis and Warton, Polesworth East, Polesworth West, and Water Orton; and the Borough of Nuneaton and Bedworth wards of Bede, Exhall, Heath, Poplar, and Slough.

The constituency since 2010 has all but two wards of North Warwickshire.[n 3]


History 1832–1885[edit]

The North Warwickshire constituency was created for the 1832 general election, when the Great Reform Act divided the former Warwickshire constituency into two new divisions: North Warwickshire and South Warwickshire.

Under the Redistribution of Seats Act 1885, North Warwickshire was abolished for the 1885 general election, when Warwickshire was divided into four new single-member constituencies: Nuneaton, Rugby, Stratford-on-Avon and Tamworth.

History 1983–present[edit]

The current North Warwickshire county constituency was created for the 1983 general election, replacing outlying parts of the Meriden and Nuneaton constituencies. The seat was won by Francis Maude of the Conservative Party at the 1983 general election, who held it until 1992, when it was taken by Mike O'Brien of Labour. Labour held the seat comfortably until 2010.

On 8 March 2007, former Army Officer and polar explorer Dan Byles was selected at an open primary to contest North Warwickshire for the Conservative Party. At the 2010 general election, Byles won the seat off Mike O'Brien by just 54 votes, making him the Conservative Member of Parliament with the smallest majority in the country.

Constituency profile[edit]

Warwickshire North has wards which are the most "working-class" (lowest average income) and industrial of the six constituencies in the county excluding Coventry, politically frequently with the best returns locally for Labour candidates, though in the 2010 election all six Warwickshire constituencies were Conservative gains, this constituency fell on a substantial swing of 8.1% from Labour to the Conservatives (compared to a national swing of 5%), making the area ultra-marginal.

Like much of the county, the area includes many rural villages which can today be classified as 'commuter' and 'retirement' south of the National Forest, south east of Tamworth and the small cathedral city of Lichfield and centred less than 10 miles (16 km) east of Birmingham which provides some work locally in the creative and international export sectors. Many towns and villages have a history of coal mining and heavy industry and with that a strong Labour vote.[2]

Settlements include Bedworth, just north of Coventry, and the historic market town of Atherstone.[n 4]

Members of Parliament[edit]

MPs 1832–1885[edit]

Election 1st Member[3] 1st Party 2nd Member[3] 2nd Party
1832 William Stratford Dugdale Conservative Sir John Eardley-Wilmot, Bt Conservative
1843 by-election Charles Newdigate Newdegate Conservative
1847 Richard Spooner Conservative
1864 by-election William Bromley-Davenport Conservative
1884 by-election Philip Muntz Conservative
1885 Constituency abolished: see Nuneaton, Rugby, Stratford-on-Avon and Tamworth

MPs since 1983[edit]

Election Member[3] Party
1983 Francis Maude Conservative
1992 Mike O'Brien Labour
2010 Dan Byles Conservative


General Election 2015: North Warwickshire[4][5]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Democrat Alan Beddow
Green Ian Bonner
UKIP William Cash
TUSC Eileen Hunter
Labour Mike O'Brien
Conservative Craig Tracey
Election Political result Candidate Party Votes % ±%
General Election 2010 [6][7]
Turnout: 47,265 (67.4%) +4.5
Conservative gain from Labour
Majority: 54 (0.1%) -16.0
Swing: +8.1% from Lab to Con
Dan Byles Conservative 18,993 40.2 +8.2
Mike O'Brien Labour 18,939 40.1 -8.0
Stephen Martin Liberal Democrat 5,481 11.6 -1.9
Jason Holmes BNP 2,106 4.5 +0.4
Steven Fowler UKIP 1,335 2.8 +0.1
David Lane English Democrats 411 0.9 N/A
General Election 2005
Electorate: North Warwickshire
Turnout: 46,939 (62.2%) +2.0
Labour hold
Majority: 7,553 (16.1%) -5.6
Swing: +2.8% from Lab to Con
Mike O'Brien Labour 22,561 48.1 -6.0
Ian Gibb Conservative 15,008 32.0 -0.4
Jerry Roodhouse Liberal Democrat 6,212 13.2 +1.8
Michaela Mackenzie BNP 1,910 4.1 N/A
Iain Campbell UKIP 1,248 2.7 +0.6
General Election 2001
Electorate: North Warwickshire
Turnout: 44,409 (60.2%) -14.6
Labour hold
Majority: 9,639 (21.7%) -5.5
Swing: +2.6% from Lab to Con
Mike O'Brien Labour 24,023 54.1 -4.3
Geoffrey Parsons Conservative 14,384 32.4 +1.2
William Powell Liberal Democrat 5,052 11.4 +4.0
John Flynn UKIP 950 2.1 +1.1
General Election 1997
Electorate: North Warwickshire
Turnout: 54,239 (74.7%) -8.1
Labour hold
Majority: 14,767 (27.2%) +24.8
Swing: +12.4% from Con to Lab
Mike O'Brien Labour 31,669 58.4 +12.3
Stephen Hammond Conservative 16,902 31.2 -13.4
William Powell Liberal Democrat 4,040 7.4 -2.9
Roland Mole Referendum Party 917 1.7 N/A
Christopher Cooke UKIP 533 1.0 N/A
Ian Moorecroft Independent 178 0.3 N/A
General Election 1992 [8]
Electorate: North Warwickshire
Turnout: 59,862 (82.8%) +4.0
Labour gain from Conservative
Majority: 1,453 (2.4%) −2.6
Swing: +3.7% from Con to Lab
Mike O'Brien Labour 27,577 46.1 +6.0
Francis Maude Conservative 26,124 43.6 −1.4
Noel R. Mitchell Liberal Democrat 6,161 10.3 −4.6
General Election 1987
Electorate: North Warwickshire
Turnout: 79.87%
Conservative hold
Majority: 2,829 (5.01%)
Francis Maude Conservative 25,453 45.08
Mike O'Brien Labour 22,624 40.07
S.J. Neale Social Democratic 8,382 14.85
General Election 1983
Electorate: North Warwickshire
Turnout: 78.00%
Conservative hold
Majority: 2,585 (4.83%)
Francis Maude Conservative 22,452 41.95
J.E. Tomlinson Labour 19,867 37.12
H. Kerry Social Democratic 11,207 20.94

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  1. ^ A county constituency (for the purposes of election expenses and type of returning officer)
  2. ^ As with all constituencies, the constituency elects one Member of Parliament (MP) by the first past the post system of election at least every five years.
  3. ^ Arley and Whitacre and Hartshill, moved in 2010 to Nuneaton
  4. ^ This saw considerable population expansion from 1995-2010


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