Northbourne Avenue

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Northbourne Avenue
Australian Capital Territory
Northbourne Avenue looking south.jpg
Looking south along Northbourne Avenue, at the intersection of Macarthur Avenue (west) / Wakefield Avenue (east)
Coordinates 35°15′39″S 149°07′55″E / 35.2608°S 149.132°E / -35.2608; 149.132
General information
Type Highway
Length 4.52 km (3 mi)
Gazetted 20 September 1928
Route number(s)
  • A23
  • (Entire Length)
route number
  • National Route 23
  • (Until 2013)
Tourist routes
Major junctions
South end
  • London Circuit
  • Barry Drive / Cooyong Street
  • Macarthur Avenue / Wakefield Avenue
  • Mouat Street / Antill Street
North end
Major suburbs City, Braddon, Turner, Dickson, Lyneham, Downer
Highway system
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Road infrastructure in Canberra

Northbourne Avenue is a major road in Canberra, Australia. It extends from City Hill in the south to the Federal Highway in the north.

Sydney and Melbourne buildings, City, either side of Northbourne Avenue in 1929. Commenced building 1920s and completed 1946; for many years the only commercial buildings in the City.

It is a north-south running road which has three lanes for motorised traffic, and one lane for bicycles running in each direction, with a large median strip with rows of trees. The speed limit is 60 km/h, with an 80 km/h speed limit north of the intersection with Mouat Street and Antill Street. These speed limits are strictly enforced with multiple fixed red light/speed cameras in the 60 km/h zone and mobile speed cameras being permitted to operate along the entire length of the road. Many ACTION buses travelling between City and Dickson, Gungahlin or Belconnen use the road, which has many bus stops along it.

Northbourne Avenue is the dividing line between the suburbs of Turner and Lyneham on the west, with the suburbs of Braddon, Dickson and Downer on the east.

A project plan to install a light rail network, called Capital Metro along the median strip is in the development stage.

City Hill, looking across London Circuit, where the south end of Northbourne Avenue joins the north end of Commonwealth Avenue. City Hill is looped by a small road known as Vernon Circle.

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