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For other places with the same name, see Severny Okrug (disambiguation).

Coordinates: 55°50′N 37°31′E / 55.833°N 37.517°E / 55.833; 37.517

Northern Administrative Okrug on the 2011 map of Moscow

Northern Administrative Okrug, or Severny Administrative Okrug (Russian: Се́верный администрати́вный о́круг, Severny administrativny okrug), is one of the twelve administrative okrugs of Moscow, Russia. It was founded in 1991 and has an area of 109.9 square kilometers (42.4 sq mi). Population: 1,100,974 (2010 Census);[1] 1,112,846 (2002 Census).[2]

The administrative okrug's boundaries extend from the Belarusian railway to the Moscow Ring Road, and encompass the territory between Molzhaninovsky District and Sheremetyevo Airport.

The okrug encompasses sixteen districts:

Former Territorial unit with special status (Russian: ТЕОС):

Coat of arms[edit]

Coat of arms of Northern Administrative Okrug

The narrow silver belt symbolizes the Moscow Canal, passing through the territory of the okrug. The two golden wings symbolize the united air traffic of the city and the Sheremetyevo International Airport. The silver eight-pointed star represents Polaris and points to the northern location of the okrug in the city of Moscow. The gold and silver sails of the ship symbolize the river transport and is located within the county of the North cargo river port. The silver horses represent the okrug racetrack. The silver Corinthian style columns represent the porticos of the Central Moscow Hippodrome.


The okrug has over 1,000 medium-sized and large businesses and almost 18,000 small businesses. The okrug houses construction material, engineering, food production, light industry, jewellry design, and printing operations.[3]

The okrug also houses the offices of many of Russia's aviation companies.[3] The aviation companies Irkut,[4] Ilyushin,[5] and Yakovlev have their head offices in the Aeroport District in the okrug.[6] The aviation companies Mikoyan (MiG) and Sukhoi have their head offices in the Begovoy District in the okrug.[7][8] The okrug also houses the Dementyev Moscow Aviation Plant and the Rumyantsev Moscow Aviation Plant.[3] Nordwind Airlines has its head office within Sheremetyevo Airport in the Molzhaninovsky District in the okrug.[9][10]



The New Humanitarian School, a private school, is in the Aeroport District.[11]


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