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The Northern Mariana Islands House of Representatives is the lower house of the Northern Mariana Islands Commonwealth Legislature.

In the 2007 election cycle, the CNMI House membership was increased from 18 to 20. Representatives serve two-year terms and are elected from seven election districts:

In the November 2007 general election, which elected the 16th House, Republicans won a majority (12 seats) and took control of the House in January 2008.

Composition of the House of Representatives[edit]

  Independent (12)
Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority/plurality)
Republican Covenant Independent Vacant
End of 17th Legislature 9 7 4 20 0
Beginning of 18th Legislature 4 4 12 20 0
Latest voting share 20% 20% 60%


District Name Party
1 - Saipan Roman Benavente Ind
Joseph Deleon Guerrero Ind
Janet Maratita Ind
Antonio Sablan Ind
Richard Seman Rep
Mariano Taitano Ind
2 - Saipan Rafael Demapan Cov
John Paul Sablan Cov
3 - Saipan Anthony Benavente Ind
Francisco Dela Cruz Ind
Felicidad Ogumuro Rep
Ramon Tebuteb Ind
Edmund Joseph Villagomez Cov
Ralph Yumul Ind
4 - Saipan George Camacho Rep
Christopher Leon Guerrero Cov
5 - Saipan Antonio Agulto Ind
Lorenzo Deleon Guerrero Ind
6 - Tinian Trenton Connor Ind
7 - Rota Teresita Santos Rep

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