Northern Mariana Islands status referendum, 1961

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A referendum on the islands' status was held in the Northern Mariana Islands on 5 February 1961.[1] Although 64% of voters supported integration with Guam, the United States did not integrate the islands.[1]


The referendum was organised by the local Parliament, as members wished to integrate with Guam.[1] It was held prior to a March visit by a United Nations commission checking on the conditions of the UN trust territories.[1]


[A] Do you desire to become United States citizens within the political framework of Guam?
[B] Do you desire to become United States citizens by becoming a separate territory of the United States?
[C] Do you desire to remain in the same status?[1]

Choice Votes %
Integration with Guam 1,642 64.49
US territory 875 34.37
Status quo 27 1.06
None of the above 2 0.08
Invalid/blank votes 8
Total 2,554 100
Registered voters/turnout 2,900 88.07
Source: Direct Democracy