Northern Mariana Islands status referendum, 1969

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A referendum on the islands' status was held in the Northern Mariana Islands on 9 November 1969.[1] For the fourth time since 1958 a majority of voters supported integration with Guam. However, a referendum held in Guam on 4 November on integration with the Northern Mariana Islands had been rejected by 58% of Guamanian voters.[1]


Previous referendums on either integation with Guam or the islands' status had been held in 1958, 1961 and 1963. On each occasion a majority had been in favour of integration. However, the proposal remained unfulfilled.

The 1969 referendum was organised by the local Parliament, and was held prior to a visit by a United Nations commission in early 1970.[1]


Choice Votes %
Integration with Guam 1,942 60.82
Free association with the USA 1,116 34.95
Unincorporated territory of the USA 107 3.35
Independence 19 0.59
Trust territory 5 0.15
Commonwealth with the USA 1 0.01
US state 1 0.01
Unincorporated territory of Japan 1 0.01
Integration with Japan 1 0.01
Invalid/blank votes 40
Total 3,233 100
Registered voters/turnout 4,954 65.26
Source: Direct Democracy