Northern Palace (Amarna)

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Ruins of the North Palace, showing reconstruction and restoration

The Northern Palace is located in the abandoned Northern Suburbs of the city of Ahketaten (modern Amarna, in Egypt).

Like the other structures in the city, it was constructed quickly, and hence was easy to dismantle and reuse the material for later construction.

Far north of the excavated structure in northern Amarna (ancient Akhetaten) rests the North Palace. Modern scholars believe that the structure was eventually converted into a palace for Akhenaten's oldest daughter, Pharaoh Nerfetiti, and may have previously been the home of one of his queens. It could very well be that the future king, Tutankhamun was raised in this palace. However, the origins of the building are more obscure and some scholars believe it may have once served as perhaps a retreat for the king as a sort of garden where he could satisfy his love of nature. It has even been suggested that it could have been Akhenaten's principal residence.

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