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Northern Star Records is a UK based record label, founded by Scott Causer and Andy Oliver in 2005. The label launched in March 2006 with their first release, the double CD compilation album, Psychedelica Vol. 1.[1] The release soon gained cult status and was praised by Billboard for bringing the genre into the mainstream, as the label was increasing viewed as being the leading pioneers of the third wave of psychedelia.[2]

Psychedelica Vol: 1 featured The Electric Prunes, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Silver Apples, The Fuzztones and The Telescopes, and introduced The Black Angels, The Dolly Rocker Movement, The Lovetones, The Stevenson Ranch Davidians and The Electric Mainline. Psychedelica Vol: 2 followed in March 2007, and featured a whole host of new bands including The Quarter After, The People's Revolutionary Choir, Mainline (now The Brothers Movement), The Asteroid #4, Sunsplit, Voices, Hopewell, Air Cav and The Soft Hearted Scientists.

In February 2008, Andy Oliver left to pursue his own interests which left Scott Causer take the label forward. A show at London Notting Hills Arts Club featuring Northern Star mainstays The Nova Saints, Say and Satsangi and the first ever UK gig of Italian band The Zen Circus, hinted at the future direction of the label.

Psychedelica Three was released in November 2008. The album largely featured underground acts, but did include cameo appearances from Kim and Kelley Deal (from The Pixies and The Breeders) and Brian Ritchie (from The Violent Femmes) on The Zen Circus' contribution. The album also featured The Electric Soft Parade, a remix by Spacemen 3's "Sonic Boom" and an exclusive from the John Foxx collaborator, Louis Gordon. The album was a success and brought bands such as The Lea Shores, The Nova Saints, The High Dials, Youngteam, The December Sound, God Is An Astronaut, Sennen, Their Hearts Were Full of Spring and Hush The Many (Heed The Few) to further prominence.[3] A launch show featuring The Arrows of Love, The Nova Saints, Aspen Woods and Youngteam played at Notting Hill Arts Club’s RoTa.[4]

Tracks from the Psychedelica series have been aired on numerous radio shows around the world, and have been played by prominent DJs such as Bob Harris, Tom Robinson, Adam Walton and Huw Stephens on their BBC Radio shows. The albums have also been subject of critical acclaim from NME, Drowned in Sound, The Sunday Times, The Independent, Mojo, The Word, Uncut, Clash Magazine, Billboard and others.[citation needed]

The label's promise to break through into the mainstream took several steps forward with 2009's Revolution In Sound[5] which brought a new audience to Northern Star.[6] The album featured what was claimed to be some of the most exciting independent bands on the planet.[7] The album saw Northern Star mainstays The Nova Saints, The December Sound, The Voices, The Electric Mainline and Youngteam appear alongside bands new to Northern Star, such as The Manhattan Love Suicides, Laboratory Noise, Delicasession, Kontakte and Punk TV.[8] The promotion of Revolution In Sound saw a show at Sound of Confusion in Birmingham, featuring Mint Ive, Kontakte and The Nova Saints; followed by the London launch with Insect Guide and Laboratory Noise.

An announcement was made in May 2010 that The Nova Saints had signed to Northern Star, and that the release of Psychedelica 4 was imminent. It was to feature Singapore Sling, The See See, Hopewell, The Medicine, Arrows of Love, Nelson Bragg from The Brian Wilson Band, Daniel Land & the Modern Painters, Spotlight Kid, Eat Lights Become Lights, 93MillionMilesFromThe Sun and Joensuu 1685.[9]


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