Northland Conference (IHSAA)

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The Northland Conference within Indiana

The Northland Conference was an IHSAA-sanctioned conference in Northern Indiana. The conference formed in 1998 with six schools, and disbanded in 2008, after two schools left to join the Greater South Shore Conference.


The conference formed in 1998, when Westville left the Porter County Conference to join with four independents: Argos, Michigan City Marquette, Oregon-Davis and South Central (Union Mills), and River Forest, which previously competed in the defunct Northwest Hoosier Conference. South Central left for the Porter County Conference after the 2002-03 school year, and was replaced for the 2004-05 season by Elkhart Christian. The conference shrank to four members when Marquette and River Forest left to co-found the Greater South Shore Conference after the 2006-07 school year. Unable to find suitable replacements, the remaining schools decided to disband the conference after the 2007-08 school year.


School Location Mascot Colors County Year Joined Previous Conference Year Left Conference Joined
Argos Argos, IN Dragons           50
1998 Independents 2008 Independents
Elkhart, IN Eagles           20
2004 new IHSAA school 2008 Independents
Marquette Catholic Michigan City Blazers           46
1998 Independents 2007 Greater
South Shore
Oregon-Davis Hamlet, IN Bobcats           75
1998 Independents 2008 Independents
River Forest Lake Station Ingots           45
1998 Northwest Hoosier 2007 Greater
South Shore
South Central
(Union Mills)
Union Mills Satellites           46
La Porte
1998 Independents 2003 Porter County
Westville Westville, IN Blackhawks           46
La Porte
1998 Porter County 2008 Independents
(PCC 2015)