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Northwest Cable News
Launched December 18, 1995 (1995-12-18)
Owned by Gannett Company
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Slogan NW News and Weather 24 Hours a Day
Country United States
Language English
Broadcast area Idaho, Oregon, Washington
Headquarters Seattle, Washington
Sister channel(s) KING-TV, KONG-TV, KGW, KREM, KSKN, KTVB
Boise, Idaho area KTVB-DT 7.3
Dish Network Check local listings for channel availability
Available on most cable systems in the Pacific Northwest Consult your local cable provider for channel availability

Northwest Cable News (NWCN) is an American cable news television channel that is owned by the Gannett Company. The channel provides 24-hour rolling news coverage focused primarily on the Pacific Northwest region of the United States (Washington, Oregon, Idaho and northwest Montana). The channel is headquartered out of the studio facilities of Gannett-owned NBC affiliate KING-TV (channel 5) in downtown Seattle. The channel is available to 2.9 million residents (through both cable television and in the Boise, Idaho market, over-the-air) within the region, and, to a lesser extent, California, Alaska and other areas of Montana.

Some of the network's programming is carried on the third digital subchannel of sister broadcast station KTVB in Boise, which has carried the network over-the-air since August 28, 2009. Prior to 2003, Northwest Cable News was carried on cable systems in the Boise market; it was re-added to Cable One systems in that market on February 12, 2010.


The network incorporates news content purposed from four Gannett-owned stations in the northwestern United States – NBC-affiliated stations KING-TV in Seattle, KGW in Portland, KTVB in Boise and CBS affiliate KREM in Spokane. In addition, the channel maintains content sharing agreements with several other stations.

In addition to rolling news and weather coverage throughout the day, NWCN produces the nightly sports highlight and discussion program NorthWest Sports Tonight, and the call-in shows Gardening with Ciscoe LIVE (which airs Friday evenings) and Fone Zone (which airs shortly after Seattle Seahawks games on Sundays during the NFL season). The channel also airs rebroadcasts of sister station KING-TV's lifestyle program Evening Magazine each evening. Three other KING-TV programs, Gardening with Ciscoe (a pre-recorded program which the live NWCN program is spun-off from), Northwest Backroads and The 5th Quarter Show (which airs during the NFL season), are also rebroadcast on the channel on weekends. In addition, KGW produces the Sunday evening discussion program Straight Talk.

News team[edit]

Current on-air staff[edit]

+ denotes personnel also seen on KING-TV

  • + Greg Copeland - weekday evenings and overnight loop
  • + Meg Coyle - weekend evenings and overnight loop
  • + Cam Johnson - weekday mornings
  • + Shaniqua Manning - weekday mornings and afternoons
  • + Rob Piercy - weekend mornings and afternoons
Weather team[1]
  • + Jim Guy (AMS Seal of Approval) - meteorologist; weekday evenings and overnight loop
  • + Keisha Burns - meteorologist; weekday mornings
  • Ed Muir - meteorologist; weekend mornings and afternoons
  • + Lisa Van Cise - weather anchor; weekday midday (also weekend morning weather anchor for KING-TV)
Sports team[1]
  • + Paul Silvi - sports director; weekday evenings and overnight loop
  • + Chris Egan - sports reporter; weekend evenings and overnight loop
Evening Magazine[1]
  • Ciscoe Morris - host
  • Saint Bryan - reporter
  • Jim Dever - reporter
  • Kim Holcomb - reporter
  • Michael King - reporter
  • Eric Riddle - producer

Notable former on-air staff[edit]


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