Northwest Territories general election, 1902

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Northwest Territories general election, 1902
Northwest Territories
1898 ←
21 May 1902 (1902-05-21)
→ 1905 (AB)
→ 1905 (SK)

35 seats in the North-West Legislative Assembly
18 seats were needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
Leader Frederick W. A. G. Haultain Donald H. McDonald
Party Liberal-Conservative Liberal
Leader since 1897 1902
Leader's seat Macleod North Qu'Appelle
Last election 7 2
Seats won 21 7
Popular vote 8,319 5,067
Percentage 47.8% 29.1%

Premier before election

Frederick W. A. G. Haultain

Elected Premier

Frederick W. A. G. Haultain

The Northwest Territories general election of 1902, occurred on 21 May 1902 and was the fifth general election in the history of the Northwest Territories, Canada. It was held to elect Members of the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories. This was the last election held until 1951, and was the last in the Northwest Territories to have political parties.

Frederick W. A. G. Haultain and the Liberal-Conservatives continued with government. Donald H. McDonald was thrust into being the Liberal leader just days before the vote, with the surprise decision by Robert Brett to drop out of the race.

In 1905, the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were created out of NWT territory, and they took most of the voting population with them. The government of NWT reverted to an appointed consensus model of government.

Candidates in this election were not nominated by the party in a contested nomination as with modern elections, but rather proclaimed their support for the governing party or opposition party, or Independent. During the election race some candidates shifted their alignment. The result was a confusing mess, and the bulk of candidates proclaimed support for the already governing Liberal-Conservative party, leaving the Liberals without candidates in many districts. Lethbridge ended up being contested by two government supporting candidates.

1902 would also see the largest number of MLAs elected to the Northwest Territories Legislature in the territories history.

Election Summary[edit]

Party Party Leader # of
Elected Popular Vote
# %
Frederick Haultain
32 21 8,319 47.70%
Donald H. McDonald
21 7 5,067 29.06%
     Independent 11 6 3,381 19.39%
     Independent Liberal 1 1 362 2.07%
     Independent Liberal-Conservative 1 - 310 1.78%
Total 66 35 17,439 100%


  • Sources are conflicted about the affiliation of some candidates, vote counts and total number of candidates are accurate, standings and votes by party may change upon further research.

Members of the Legislative Assembly elected[edit]

For complete electoral history, see individual districts

5th North-West Legislative Assembly
District Member Party
     Banff Arthur Sifton Liberal-Conservative
     Batoche Charles Fisher Liberal
     Battleford Joseph Benjamin Prince Liberal-Conservative
     Cannington Ewan McDiarmid Independent Liberal
     Cardston John William Woolf Liberal
     East Calgary John Jackson Young Independent
     Edmonton Richard Secord Independent
     Grenfell Richard Stuart Lake Liberal-Conservative
     High River Richard Alfred Wallace Liberal-Conservative
     Innisfail John A. Simpson Liberal-Conservative
     Kinistino William Frederick Meyers Liberal
     Lacombe Peter Talbot Liberal-Conservative
     Lethbridge Leverett DeVeber Liberal-Conservative
     Macleod Frederick Haultain Liberal-Conservative
     Maple Creek Horace Albertie Greeley Liberal-Conservative
     Medicine Hat William Finlay Liberal-Conservative
     Mitchell Alexander McIntyre Liberal-Conservative
     Moose Jaw George Annable Liberal
     Moosomin Alexander S. Smith Liberal-Conservative
     North Qu'Appelle Donald H. McDonald Liberal
     North Regina George W. Brown Liberal-Conservative
     Prince Albert Thomas McKay Liberal
     Saltcoats Thomas MacNutt Liberal-Conservative
     Saskatoon William Sinclair Liberal-Conservative
     Souris John Connell Liberal-Conservative
     South Qu'Appelle George Bulyea Liberal-Conservative
     South Regina James Hawkes Independent
     Strathcona Alexander Rutherford Liberal-Conservative
     St. Albert Daniel Maloney Independent
     Victoria John Shera Independent
     West Calgary Richard Bennett* Independent
     Wetaskiwin Anthony Rosenroll Liberal-Conservative
     Whitewood Archibald Gillis Liberal-Conservative
     Wolseley William Elliott Liberal-Conservative
     Yorkton Thomas Patrick Liberal

Note: * Sources are conflicted on Richard Bennett as to whether he was a Liberal or Independent

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