Northwest Territories general election, 1954

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The Northwest Territories general election of 1954 was the seventh general election in the history of the Territories. The election was held on September 7, 1954, this was also the only provincial / territorial election held in Canada that year.

This election saw the number of elected candidates increase by one.

Election summary[edit]

Appointed members[edit]

2nd Northwest Territories Legislative Council
Member New/Re-appointed
Louis Audette Re-appointed
Leonard Nicholson Re-appointed
William Clements Re-appointed
Jean Boucher New
Frank Cunningham* Re-appointed


  • Frank Cunningham was also deputy commissioner.

Elected members[edit]

For complete electoral history, see individual districts

2nd Northwest Territories Legislative Council
District Member
Mackenzie Delta Frank Carmichael
Mackenzie North John Parker
Mackenzie River John Goodall
Mackenzie South Robert Poritt


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