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Not to be confused with Norwegian Football Cup.
Norway Cup in 2008
Norway Cup in 2009

The Norway Cup is an international youth football tournament which has been held annually since 1972 (except 1976) in Oslo, Norway. It is the world's second largest football tournament, after Gothia Cup in neighbouring Sweden, and sees a typical 1400 to 1700 participating teams per year (in 2013 there where 1450 teams compared to Gothias 1545).[1][2] The Norway Cup consists of tournaments for ages 10 through 19 for both genders, with 43,141 teams having participated between 1972 and 2009. The tournament takes place at Ekebergsletta.

The tournament is organized by Bækkelagets Sportsklub with Frode Kyvåg as its general secretary. Participants come from 50 to 60 counties. Amazon Grimstad won the first Norway Cup tournament for girls, winning 2–1 over Vestar, after a penalty shoot-out.

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