Norwegian First Division

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1. divisjon
Country Norway Norway
Confederation UEFA
Founded 1948
1948–1951 (as 1. divisjon)
1951–1962 (as Landsdelsserien)
1963–1990 (as 2. divisjon)
1991–2004 (as 1. divisjon)
2005–2013 (as Adeccoligaen)
2014–present (as 1. divisjon)
Number of teams 16
Level on pyramid 2
Promotion to Tippeligaen
Relegation to 2. Divisjon
Domestic cup(s) Norwegian Cup
Current champions Sandefjord
TV partners C More and TV2 Zebra
2014 Norwegian First Division

The Norwegian First Division (Norwegian: 1. divisjon) is the second highest division of the Norwegian football league system. The league was established in 1948 following a reorganization of the Norwegian league system. From the 2015 season, it will be branded as OBOS-ligaen, after a six-year deal was agreed with the housing cooperative OBOS.[1]

Formally, it was a semi-professional league.[2][3]


In 2009, the number of teams in the Norwegian Premier League expanded from fourteen to sixteen.[4] Therefore, 2008 was a transitional season, in which more teams were promoted to the top flight, and fewer teams relegated to the Norwegian Second Division, than usual.

From 2009, the First Division winners and runners-up earn automatic promotion. A new playoff system was introduced, involving the teams finishing third, fourth and fifth in the First Division, and the team finishing third from the bottom in Tippeligaen. Teams three and four would play against each other, and face the winner of team five versus team fourteen from Tippeligaen. Promotion is awarded to the winning team. The four teams finishing at the bottom of the after ended season will be relegated to the Second Division.

As of 2014, C More and TV 2 Zebra owns the broadcasting rights. C More and TV 2 Zebra broadcast one match each every round. C More usually on Saturdays, and TV 2 Zebra usually on Mondays. The remaining six matches each round are usually played on Sundays. And are available for streaming on C More's web-TV service, C Sports.[citation needed]

Current members[edit]

Finishing position last season
Brann 14th in Tippeligaen
Bryne 9th
Bærum 5th
Fredrikstad 6th
Follo 1st in Second Division, Group 4
Hødd 8th
Hønefoss 11th
Jerv 1st in Second Division, Group 1
Kristiansund 4th
Levanger 1st in Second Division, Group 2
Nest-Sotra 12th
Ranheim 7th
Sandnes Ulf 16th in Tippeligaen
Sogndal 15th in Tippeligaen
Strømmen 10th
Åsane 1st in Second Division, Group 3

Previous winners[edit]

Season Winner Runner-Up 3rd place (play offs - except 2008 and 2011) 4th place (play offs since 2008) 5th place (play offs since 2009) 6th place (play offs since 2012)
1997 Vålerenga Moss Eik-Tønsberg (lost)
1998 Odd Grenland Skeid Kjelsås (lost)
1999 Haugesund Bryne Start (won)
2000 Lyn Strømsgodset Sogndal (won)
2001 Vålerenga Start Ham-Kam (lost)
2002 Tromsø Aalesund Sandefjord (lost)
2003 Ham-Kam Fredrikstad Sandefjord (lost)
2004 Start Aalesund Kongsvinger (lost)
2005 Stabæk Sandefjord Moss (lost)
2006 Strømsgodset Aalesund Bryne (lost)
2007 Molde Ham-Kam Bodø/Glimt (won)
2008 Odd Grenland Sandefjord Start Sogndal (lost)
2009 Haugesund Hønefoss Kongsvinger (won) Sogndal Sarpsborg 08
2010 Sogndal Sarpsborg 08 Fredrikstad (won) Løv-Ham Ranheim
2011 Hønefoss Sandnes Ulf
2012 Start Sarpsborg 08 Sandefjord Mjøndalen Bodø/Glimt Ullensaker/Kisa (lost)
2013 Bodø/Glimt Stabæk Hødd Ranheim (lost) Ham-Kam Mjøndalen
2014 Sandefjord Tromsø Mjøndalen (won) Kristiansund Bærum Fredrikstad

Relegated teams[edit]

Season Clubs
1997 Runar, Drøbak/Frogn, Harstad, Sarpsborg
1998 Aalesund, Strindheim, Ullern, Ham-Kam
1999 Lofoten, Skjetten, Hødd, Clausenengen
2000 Strindheim, Eik Tønsberg
2001 MK, Kongsvinger, Kjelsås, Byåsen
2002 Åsane, Tromsdalen, Lørenskog, Tollnes
2003 Bærum, Oslo Øst, Ørn-Horten, Alta
2004 Raufoss, Haugesund, Vard, Tromsdalen
2005 MK, Skeid, Tønsberg, Alta
2006 Pors Grenland, Manglerud Star, Follo, Hødd
2007 Raufoss, Tromsdalen, Skeid, MK
2008 Sandnes Ulf, Hødd
2009 Ham-Kam, Notodden, Stavanger, Skeid
2010 Follo, Tromsdalen, Moss, Lyn
2011 Asker, Nybergsund, Randaberg, Løv-Ham
2012 Tromsdalen, Bærum, Notodden, Alta
2013 Vard Haugesund, Kongsvinger, Follo, Elverum
2014 Alta, Tromsdalen, Ullensaker/Kisa, Ham-Kam


Season Clubs
1997 Kjelsås, Raufoss, Strindheim, Ullern
1998 Clausenengen, Liv/Fossekallen, Lofoten, Skjetten
1999 Ham-Kam, Sandefjord, Strindheim, Tromsdalen
2000 Hødd, MK, Ørn-Horten, Aalesund
2001 Tollnes, Åsane, Oslo Øst, Lørenskog
2002 Fredrikstad, Bærum, MK, Alta
2003 Pors Grenland, Kongsvinger, Vard, Tromsdalen
2004 Tønsberg, Follo, Løv-Ham, Alta
2005 Sparta Sarpsborg, Oslo Øst, Haugesund, Tromsdalen
2006 Notodden, Skeid, MK, Raufoss
2007 Nybergsund-Trysil, Hødd, Sandnes Ulf, Alta
2008 Mjøndalen, Skeid, Stavanger, Tromsdalen
2009 Strømmen, Follo, Sandnes Ulf, Ranheim
2010 Asker, Hødd, Randaberg, Ham-Kam
2011 Ull/Kisa, Bærum, Notodden, Tromsdalen
2012 Elverum, Kristiansund, Vard Haugesund, Follo
2013 Alta, Bærum, Nest-Sotra, Tromsdalen
2014 Jerv, Levanger, Åsane, Follo


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