Norwegian First Division (women)

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Norwegian First Division
Country Norway
Confederation UEFA
Founded 1996
1987–1995 (as 2. divisjon)
Number of teams 12
Level on pyramid 2
Promotion to Toppserien
Relegation to 2. divisjon
Domestic cup(s) Norwegian Cup
Current champions Sandviken
Most championships Sandviken (5)
2014 Norwegian First Division (women)

The Norwegian First Division (Norwegian: 1. divisjon) is the second highest division in Norwegian women's association football league system.

Before year 2000, the First Division was regionally divided, and the winners of the different pools met in one or two promotional rounds. Since 2001, the division has been nationwide.

Between 1987 and 1995 the name of the league was 2. divisjon (Norwegian: Second Division), a name that has later been used for the third level league from 1996.

All 19 counties of Norway has been represented in the nationwide First Division since 2001; Østfold was the last county to be represented, when Sarpsborg 08 got promoted in 2010.

On 8 March 2008, in accordance with the wish of Sandviken, it was decided that the First Division should be expanded from 10 to 12 teams.[1] The first season with 12 teams in the division was in 2009, which led to the fact that no teams were relegated after the conclusion of the 2008 season. Linderud-Grei and Gjøvik placed bottom of the league, and had to qualify. Although both teams did. The following season was dramatically different for the two teams; Linderud-Grei won the league and got promoted to Toppserien, whilst Gjøvik got relegated to the Second Division.

In 2010 the two best teams were the same as in 2003; Sandviken and Medkila. Alta was relegated after having finished third the year before. A bankruptcy in the division resulted in only one team getting relegated from Toppserien.

The teams who are qualified for the 2012 Norwegian First Division are Alta, Avaldsnes, Fløya, Fortuna Ålesund, Grand Bodø, Kongsvinger, Linderud-Grei, Medkila, Sarpsborg 08, Sola, Voss and Åsane.


Season Winner Promoted Notes
2013 Grand Bodø Grand Bodø
2012 Avaldsnes Medkila Medkila lost the promotion-playoff against Kattem, but were still promoted when Kattem withdrew their team.
2011 Vålerenga Fart
2010 Sandviken Medkila
2009 Linderud-Grei Donn
2008 Sandviken Fortuna Ålesund First Division expanded to 12 teams, the bottom two teams in the First Division played relegation matches against the winners of the Second Division.
2007 Fart Larvik
2006 Asker KattemGrand Bodø[2] Toppserien expanded to 12 teams, 3. and 4. place in the First Division played promotion matches against the bottom two teams in Toppserien.
2005 Arna-Bjørnar Amazon Grimstad
2004 Kattem Liungen
2003 Sandviken Medkila
2002 Liungen Fløya Athene Moss withdrew, only 9 teams finished the season.
2001 Sandviken Larvik Grand Bodø withdrew, only 9 teams finished the season.
Season Promoted Qualification System
2000 Liungen
Fløya, Fortuna Ålesund
Follese, Haugar
57 teams in 6 pools
Play-off: 2 groups á 3 teams
1999 Byåsen
Medkila, Voss
Haugar, Liungen
55 teams in 6 pools
Play-off: 2 groups á 3 teams
1998 Grand Bodø
Liungen, Solid
Larvik, Verdal
55 teams in 6 pools
Play-off: 2 groups á 3 teams
1997 Byåsen
Haugar, Jardar
Kaupanger, Larvik
55 teams in 6 pools
Play-off: 2 groups á 3 teams
1996 Bjørnar
Donn, Fløya
Raufoss/Vind, Bergen Nord
58 teams in 6 pools
Play-off: 2 groups á 3 teams
1995 Bøler
Bjørnar, Fløya
Verdal, Vidar
55 teams in 6 pools
Play-off: 2 groups á 3 teams
1994 Grand Bodø, Kolbotn Solid, Verdal 44 teams in 5 pools[3]
1993 Haugar, Molde BUL, Oslo, Furuflaten 39 teams in 4 pools
1992 Donn, Fløya Haugar, Verdal 40 teams in 4 pools
1991 Jardar, Spjelkavik Fløya, Haugar 39 teams in 4 pools
1990 Grand Bodø, Sandviken Donn, Spjelkavik 36 teams in 4 pools
1989 BUL, Oslo, Fløya Nymark, Stjørdals-Blink 39 teams in 4 pools
1988 Skedsmo, Vard Fløya, Rindals-Troll 38 teams in 4 pools
1987 Jardar, Heimdal Fløya, Nymark 38 teams in 4 pools


  1. ^ 12 teams in the First Division
  2. ^ Grand Bodø promoted after qualification.
  3. ^ Pool winners from Vestlandet met in a regional final.

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