Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority

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Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Government of Norway
Headquarters Trondheim, Norway
Employees c. 600
Agency executive Ingrid Finboe Svendsen, Director
Parent agency Norwegian Ministry of Labour

The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority (Norwegian: Arbeidstilsynet) is Norwegian government agency under the Ministry of Labour. It is responsible for supervising the Working Environment Act, the Annual Holidays Act, the National Holidays Act as well as certain sections of the Smoking Act.

The organization consists of a Directorate (Direktoratet for Arbeidstilsynet) based in Trondheim, seven regional offices and sixteen local offices spread around the country.

Heads of the Directorate, and thereby of the whole organization, have been Olav Hindahl (1946–1963), Bjarne Dahlberg (1963–1977), Odd Højdahl (1977–1988), Dagfinn Habberstad (1988–1994), Ivar Leveraas (1994–2006) and Ingrid Finboe Svendsen (2006–present).