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The nose gunner position on the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster (PA474)

A nose gunner or front gunner is a crewman on a military aircraft who operates a machine gun turret in the front, or "nose", of the airplane. This position was usually manned by someone who only operated the gun, however, the nose gunner could have a dual role (navigation, bombardier, etc.). Also, stationary guns could be mounted in the nose and controlled by the pilot or co-pilot. Manned nose guns were most common during World War II, employed by both Allied and Axis forces.



WWII examples[edit]

During World War II, many aircraft were equipped with guns for protection against other aircraft. One of those guns was often fitted in a nose turret of the aircraft.

  • The Avro Lancaster nose turret was operated by the bombardier as necessary; the bombardiers position being directly below the turret.

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