Nosferatu (band)

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Origin United Kingdom
Genres Gothic rock
Years active 1988–present
Labels Dark Fortune, Cleopatra Records, Hades, Pandaemonium, Possession & Gravitator
Associated acts The Damned
Members Damien DeVille
Stefan Diablo
Belle Star
Past members Vlad Janicek
Sapphire Aurora
Dominic LaVey
Gary Clarke
Niall Murphy
Chris Clarke
Louis DeWray

Nosferatu is an English gothic rock band formed in March 1988 by Damien DeVille, Vlad Janicek, and Sapphire Aurora.

The band has performed over 300 concerts in 14 countries since 1988, including the Wave Gothic Treffen Festival in Leipzig, Germany in 2011, 2009, 2006, 1999 & 1994; the NCN Festival in Deutzen, Germany in 2012; the Mera Luna Festival in Hildesheim, Germany in 2007 & 2002; the Castle Party Festival in Poland in 2011; the DV8 Festival in York in 2011 & 2010, England; the Judgement Day Festival Dornbirn in 2006, Austria; the Existence Festival in Valencia, Spain in 2006; the Vampiricon Festival in Duisburg, Germany in 2003; Sacrosanct Festival London in 1995; the Waregem Gothic Festival in Waregem, Belgium in 2010 and the Lumous Festival in Tampere, Finland in 2011.

Damien DeVille is the only original member still with the band, and has written a book about Nosferatu entitled Vampyres Cry – The History of A Gothic Rock Band.

Their albums, singles and DVD have sold over 100,000 copies worldwide, making them one of the most successful second wave gothic rock groups. Nosferatu released their latest studio album 'Wonderland' on March 7, 2011.


Current Line-up[edit]

  • Damien DeVille – Lead guitar
  • Stefan Diablo – Bass
  • Belle Starr – Drums


  • Rat Scabies – drums (featured on Lord of the Flies, ReVamped, The Best of Nosferatu Volume 1: The Hades Years, "Visionary Vampyres" DVD Ltd Edition Boxed Set) ...Best known for being a founding member of the punk band The Damned
  • Joby Talbot – saxophone (featured on The Prophecy album. Joby also played piano for The Divine Comedy and has worked as Paul McCartney's studio engineer.
  • Simon Doc Octopus Milton – played bass guitar on The Lord Of The Flies album. Doc Milton played guitar for Goth Rock Band Alien Sex Fiend in the early 1990s, including 2 full North American Tours, 1 Japanese tour and numerous European tours as well as being the in-house studio engineer at House In The Woods Residential Recording Studio in Bletchingley, Surrey from 1986 to the studio's closure in 2000. He engineered and co-produced NOSFERATU's Rise, The Prophecy, Prince of Darkness and Lord Of The Flies albums as well as their singles Inside The Devil, Savage Kiss and The Haunting. In addition to working with NOSFERATU and playing and recording for Alien Sex Fiend, Doc Milton has engineered recording sessions for Big Country, Bad Finger, Scat Man John, The Manic Street Preachers, Andy Taylor of Duran Duran, Tony Thompson of [Chic] and Rat Scabies.

Past members[edit]

  • Vlad Janicek – bass guitar/keys (March 1988 to November 1994) ...(Designed early Nosferatu Logo and stage sets)
  • Sapphire Aurora – vocals (March 1988 to April 1990) ...(Editor and resident poet of Grimoire)
  • Dominic LaVey – vocals (March 1995 to February 2002) (ex. Return To Khafji vocalist)
  • Gary Ash (Gary Clarke) – vocals (April 1990 to October 1990) ... The Cureheads The Hiram Key (band)
  • Niall Murphy – vocals (August 1993 to November 1994)
  • Chris Clarke – Drums (November 1994)
  • Louis DeWray – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keys, Percussion, Programming, Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering (August 2003 to December 2014). Vocals (April 1991 to April 1993).


They are one of the few UK-based gothic rock bands to receive both national and independent chart success both in the UK and Germany. Their back catalog of independent releases, to date stands at 11 albums, 8 singles, 1 DVD and various songs featured on 54 compilation albums.

Studio Albums[edit]

Live Albums[edit]

  • Face The Master (Bootleg) Cassette
  • Reflections Through A Darker Glass (March 2000) CD

Compilation Albums[edit]

  • Legend (Jan 94) CD & Cassette
  • ReVamped (July 99) CD
  • The Best Of Nosferatu: Volume 1: The Hades Years (Dec 2001) CD
  • Vampyres, Witches, Devils & Ghouls: The Very Best Of Nosferatu (Feb 2006) CD
  • Anthology (2 Disc Album) (May 2006) CD


  • The Hellhound (Sept 91) 12" and cassette single
  • Vampyres Cry (March 92) 12" and cassette single
  • Diva (Sept 92) 12" and cassette single
  • Inside the Devil (April 93) 12" and CD single
  • Savage Kiss (Nov 93) 12" and CD single
  • The Haunting (Sept 95) 12" and CD single
  • Somebody Put Something In My Drink (June 2005) CD single
  • Black Hole (April 2010) CD single

Box Sets[edit]

  • Visionary Vampyres DVD (June 2005) DVD & 3 Albums; Ltd Edition Boxed Set

Early Releases[edit]

  • Bloodlust (Jan 1989) Cassette
  • Symphony of Shadows (Jan 1990) Cassette
  • The Deathmaster Remixes (Sept 91) Ltd Edition Cassette
  • The Gathering (Oct 92) Ltd Edition cassette

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