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Nossal High School
Berwick, VIC
Coordinates 38°2′21″S 145°20′14″E / 38.03917°S 145.33722°E / -38.03917; 145.33722Coordinates: 38°2′21″S 145°20′14″E / 38.03917°S 145.33722°E / -38.03917; 145.33722
Type Public, Secondary, Selective, Co-Educational
Motto Embrace the Challenge
Established 2010
Headmaster Roger Page
Grades 9-12
Enrolment 816 (Years 9-12 at present time)
Campus Suburban
Houses Griffin, Phoenix, Pegasus, Garuda

Black, Ecru & Rust

Affiliations Monash University, Chisholm Tafe, Suzanne Cory High School

Nossal High School is a state government selective school in Victoria, Australia. Located in the Berwick campus of Monash University[1] and adjacent to Chisholm Institute and Berwick TEC (Technical Education Centre), the school opened in 2010 with 200 students (100 male, 100 female). They now take 208 students each year. [2][3] It is one of three new selective entry schools in Victoria including John Monash Science School and Suzanne Cory High School.[4] Prior to these additions, only three selective schools existed in Victoria, Mac.Robertson Girls' High School, Melbourne High School and the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School.

Reports have highlighted the controversy of selective schooling in Australia, with critics concerned about 'poaching' of high achieving students from other schools, and the 'stratification' of government education.[5][6]

It is named after the distinguished scientist Sir Gustav Nossal.[7][8]


Assistant Principal[edit]

  • Dr Toni Meath 2009–2013. Formerly of Mordialloc College, from 2013 Dr Meath became Principal of Mac.Robertson Girls' High School.
  • Susan Harrap 2013- Present


Nossal High School's logo consists of two crossing books that form a butterfly, with a third, smaller book forming the antennae. The logo is made of three colours: ecru (a grey-ish beige colour), rust (a dark red) and yellow. The school colours, however are black, ecru and rust. The school logo was chosen for many reasons:

  • The books symbolise academic education.
  • The butterfly symbolises emerging from a chrysalis into a new part of life.
  • The flight of the butterfly symbolises taking flight, as well as referencing to the fact that Nossal High School is situated on old airgrounds.

Extracurricular activities[edit]

Extracurricular options available to students include: Literature Circle, Chess Club, Debating, Nossal Interactive Multimedia Society (NIMS), Youth Vision, School Magazine Committee, Peer Support and Environment Club. Students are also able to join in many sport teams including volleyball, cricket, badminton, table tennis, basketball, soccer, softball, football, hockey, swimming, athletics, cross country, netball and tennis.

Student leadership[edit]

Student leadership positions include: School Captains (one male and female of the senior year), Tutorial Leaders (two per tutorial group), House Captains and Vice House Captains (two from each year level per house), Information Resource Center Leaders (two per tutorial group), Information Communications Technology Leaders (two per tutorial group) and Environmental Leaders (two per tutorial).

House System[edit]

During Nossal's foundation year a competition was run allowing students to enter possible names for the houses; the names chosen were:

Each of the houses is named after a mythical flying creature; which fits with the Nossal emblem of "taking flight". At the end of each year the house to have accumulated the most points is awarded the Page Cup. Points are attained by participation in the six major events as well as smaller contests held throughout the school year. The six major events are as follows: Swimming Carnival; Athletics; Cross Country; Choral Night; Debating; Monash Grand Challenge (year 9 participation only). Other competitions include Table Tennis, Camp Challenges, Dress Up days, Tug of War and Chess Competitions.

Winners of the Page Cup:

  • 2010 - Phoenix
  • 2011 - Phoenix
  • 2012 - Phoenix
  • 2013 - Griffin
  • 2014 - Pegasus

Monash Grand Challenge[edit]

The Monash Grand Challenge is a competition held for year 9 students at the end of every school year; the winners gain significant amounts of points contributing to next year's Page Cup. The challenge focuses on developing essay writing, creative, public speaking and problem solving skills by incorporating each element into the challenge. The final products of each house are judged by Monash University professors and the winner is decided upon by a vote. The winning house gains the Monash Grand Challenge trophy and house points.


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