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"Not Pictured"
Veronica Mars episode
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 22
Directed by John Kretchmer
Teleplay by Rob Thomas
John Enbom
Story by Rob Thomas
Production code 2T7222
Original air date May 9, 2006
Guest actors
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Happy Go Lucky"
Next →
"Welcome Wagon"
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"Not Pictured" is episode 22 and the season finale of season 2 of the television show Veronica Mars. It had an estimated audience size of 2.42 million US viewers on its first airing[1]and was the last episode of the series to air on UPN, the third and final season would air on UPN's successor, The CW Television Network.

"Not Pictured" received critical acclaim, many calling it one of the best episodes of the series. In Empire's list of the 50 Greatest Television Shows of All Time, Veronica Mars placed 48th and they cited "Not Pictured" to be the best episode of the series.[2]


Veronica, Wallace, Mac, Logan and the rest of their classmates all graduate, with the exceptions of Weevil, who was arrested by Sheriff Lamb just before walking across the stage at graduation, and Dick, who failed his science project in the episode "I Am God" and has to attend summer school in order to graduate. Keith arrests Woody, who insists he didn't crash the bus, and Veronica proves him right when she finds that Cassidy was on Woody's Little League team. She puts the pieces together and realizes that Cassidy blew up the bus to silence Peter and Marcos; she also realizes that he raped her at Shelly Pomeroy's party and gave her chlamydia, which he had contracted from Woody. Everything comes to a head at the Neptune Grand, where Cassidy threatens Veronica with a gun after he left Mac naked in a room downstairs. He then blows up the plane carrying Woody as well as Keith, to Veronica's horror. Afterwards as Cassidy tries to force Veronica to jump from the roof, she secretly texts Logan for help and Logan soon arrives and tackles Cassidy away from her. Blind with rage, Veronica takes the gun and levels it at Cassidy, intending to kill him when Logan convinces her to give up the gun. Moments later, Cassidy commits suicide by leaping off the roof, after Logan couldn't tell him any reason to live. The next day, at home, Veronica cries in Logan's arms over her dad, but is overjoyed when Keith comes out of his bedroom alive and well. Veronica explains how Cassidy blew up the plane carrying Woody and Keith tells her that Lamb had pulled him off the plane at the last minute before it took off and that he had rented a car and driven home. Also, Aaron Echolls is killed by Clarence Wiedman under Duncan's orders.

Arc significance[edit]

  • Weevil is arrested at graduation in connection to the murder of Eduardo "Thumper" Orozco.
  • Veronica finds a picture of Woody's Little League team and sees that Cassidy Casablancas' name was in the team but was not in the picture. She calls Cassidy's friend Hart Hanson and finds out that when they filmed their war movies, Cassidy was in charge of explosives, which he got from his dad's mechanic, Curly Moran.
  • Aaron stays at the Neptune Grand after his acquittal. He tells Logan he has the purse strings back, and in the elevator on the way to his room he admits to Veronica that he killed Lilly with the ashtray.
  • Veronica texts Mac to stay away from Cassidy, but he intercepts it and texts back to Veronica, as Mac, to meet him on the roof. On the roof, Cassidy points a gun at Veronica and she figures out that he killed Curly Moran because Curly had figured out Cassidy had crashed the bus and then wrote Veronica's name on his hand to divert attention.
  • Veronica learns that the bus crash wasn't meant for her as she was led to believe. The others that were molested by Woody were on the bus and they were going to come forward about it. Cassidy didn't want it to be revealed so he killed them to silence them.
  • Veronica also figures out that Cassidy raped her at Shelly Pomroy's party two years ago; she got chlamydia from him, and he got it from Woody.
  • Cassidy detonates a bomb in Woody's plane, killing all on board.
  • Veronica secretly texts Logan for help and to come up to the roof.
  • Logan arrives and tackles Cassidy, knocking the gun out of his hand. As they scuffle, Veronica grabs the gun and fires a warning shot. She aims the gun at Cassidy and tells Logan to get out of the way. Logan talks her out of it, by saying she's not a killer and Veronica lowers the gun and starts sobbing. Logan hugs her, but they then see Cassidy going to the edge of the roof and Logan tries to stop him by shouting "Cassidy, don't", but when Cassidy asks "Why not?" Logan cannot think of anything to say so Cassidy jumps off the roof, killing himself.
  • Aaron has sex with Kendall. When she goes to take a shower, Aaron begins to watch one of his old movies. Clarence Wiedman appears and kills Aaron with a silenced pistol. Wiedman calls Duncan, who has fled to Australia with Meg's baby. Duncan says "C.W.?" to which Wiedman responds "It's a done deal." (This is a meta-reference to the show's then-impending transfer from the UPN network to the CW network for Season 3.)
  • The last appearance of Duncan.
  • Keith wasn't on the plane because Sheriff Lamb requested that he be removed at the last minute, inadvertently saving his life. Keith drove home instead and greets Veronica the next morning, not knowing that the plane was blown up and she thought he was dead.
  • Wallace takes a plane to Paris to find Jackie. But Veronica calls Jackie in Brooklyn and warns her to catch him during his layover in New York.
  • Jackie finds Wallace and tells him that she has decided to live with her waitress mother and take care of the baby she had before she moved to Neptune.
  • Veronica and Logan begin dating again.
  • Kendall gets more than $8 million from the Phoenix Land Trust. She shows up at Mars Investigations and tells Keith she wants to hire him. She opens up a briefcase to show him something.
  • Veronica is left waiting at the airport for Keith. He never shows up.



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